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With this addon, you can send HTML-formatted mass emails to your customers. While it was developed with primarily newsletters in mind, it works for arbitrary objects and arbitrary content.


Under Sales/Configuration/Newsletter types, review the default one or create a new one. You'll have to fill in a name, a model, a domain expression on that model, an email template (have a look a the default newsletter type's email template to see how this might look like) and the address that should show up as the sender's address.

If you fill in a group in the type's groups-field, only users which are a member of said group are allowed to send a newsletter of this type. See below for details.

Finally, click 'Show recipient objects' to check the list of records that will receive a newsletter of this type. We work with dynamic selections here, so this list ist not fixed and will be evaluated every time you send a newsletter.


After a newsletter type is configured, the handling is pretty straightworfard: Go to Sales/Newsletters/Newsletters and create a new one. Choose the type you configured before and fill in a subject.

Often, a template will be chosen that enforces a certain layout for different subsections of your text. That's why the text is broken up into an intro, an outro and topics with optional heading in between. This way, you can put most of the layout into the template and leave only the interesting layout to your users.

A note on images: If you upload an image via the editor, it will be embedded as dataurl into the resulting email. This is good for your customers' privacy, but bad for bandwidth, so take care to chose reasonable image sizes.

It is mandatory that you click on 'Preview' before you are allowed to finally send the newsletter. The sending process uses OpenERP's standard email queue.


There are three groups defined:

newsletter editor
A user who can create a newsletter and add/edit topics
newsletter sender
A user who may send newsletters. Note that if a newsletter type is restricted to certain groups, the user has to be a newsletter sender and be a member of one of the groups given in the newsletter type
newsletter manager
A user who may edit newsletter types

Note that the groups are listed in order of inheritance, so a newsletter sender always also is an editor and a manager is a sender as well as an editor.

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