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Technical Name Per Product UOM
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# Per Product UOM

This module will allow you to create a Unit of Measure class per product.

# Contact

electronic mail: nick (at) theserverexpert (dot) com website: https://github.com/nicknomo/local_addons_odoo

# Installation

Please ensure you've configured a location for Odoo to locally load apps. Copy this folder into there. Go to your odoo web interface, and go into the Apps tab. Click on "Update module list". Then search for "Per Product UoM" within your App list, and then install.

# Prerequisites

You must be using Odoo v10 or possibly higher. This module is only confirmed with v10. It will most likely not work with earlier versions, due to changes in the Odoo menu system.

# Usage

The intention of this module is to help you reuse similarly named units of measure in an organized way. Using this module, you can create a units of measure assign it to a UoM class. You can then assign this class to a product. This is useful if 1 box of Product A is 4 LB, but 1 box of product B is 20 LB. As long as product A and Product B are assigned a different UoM class, they may use the same unit of measure names, but the correct box to LB conversions can be maintained.

Your first step is to enable different units of measure in Odoo. Go into Inventory->settings. Go to the "Products" section of the page, and choose the option "Some products may be sold/purchased in different units of measure (advanced)"

After this is done, you must first enter the "Per Product Mod" tab. Click on the menu seletion for "Product UOM Class". You must then create a Product UOM Class. At this point, only a name is required. This class will later be assigned to a Product. The product will then be restricted to UoM's within that class/category. Units of measure must be unique to that UoM class.

After the class is created, you must select the menu entry for "Local UOM Entries". Here, you create a unit of measure and assign it to a UOM class. You can create multiple units of measure and assign them to a class.

After the UoM class, and units of measure are assigned to it, you can edit a product and assign this UoM class to the product. The sale and purchasing UoM can then be selected from this UoM class. If multiple products use the same units of measure, this class can be assigned to other those other products as well.

# Known Issues

An issue with Odoo prevents this module from properly removing this modules data. If you intend to uninstall this module, I recommend you delete all UoM Classes first. If this is not done, and you reinstall the module, then you will not be able to create records for any objects that were in the database before the module was removed.
#'license': 'Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International',
# Clarification of NonCommercial: Commercial entities may use this module in Odoo for generating profit,
# as long as they do not redistribute it.  It cannot be resold, or repackaged in any way.  It cannot be
# provided as part of a software as a service, nor can it be included in any publicly distributed Odoo builds.
# If you wish to include this module in an Odoo package, distribution or SaaS deployment, please contact me first.
# Depending on the usage, I may license it cheaply or for no cost.
# All entities using their own instance of Odoo, in the course of their business, are free to use this product

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An Example
Hamdi Moussa
on 4/15/17, 2:13 AM

If company buys Tomato Jam in Cartons (1x24, 200 grams/e) and (1x24, 400 grams/e) and (1x12, 200 gram/e), etc.. and selling by Cartons and Bottles like 1 cartons and 10 Bottles. Can this be done on one line using your 2 Apps. If yes, will you please tell how? Since Odoo Qty has integer and fraction like 01.0000 , can we use this qty like 2.10 as above example?

A detailed example
Hamdi Moussa
on 4/15/17, 1:38 AM

will you please show a complete example to how we can use Per Product & Sales Per UOM in sequence? Thank you