Base Extra Attachment Module



v 10.0 Third Party
Technical Name base_extra_attachment
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Technical Name base_extra_attachment

Attachment extra info

Module for enabling extra information about attachments on all desired models

This module creates an abstract model ("simpleattachment.model") which can be inherited by any model.
For this functionality to work it is necesary to inhertis the "simpleattachment.model":

# Example for adding attachment info to 'account.invoice' model
class AccountInvoice(models.Model):
    _name = 'account.invoice'
    _inherit = ['account.invoice', 'simpleattachment.model']
The new available fields will be:
  • "has_attachments": Boolean field to indicate if a record has attachments related
  • "number_of_attachments": Integer field to indicate the number of attachments related with the record

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