Odoo Woocommerce Connector

v 10.0 Third Party 4

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Technical name hexcode_woocommerce_odoo
Required Apps Inventory Management (stock)
Sales (sale)
Invoicing (account)
Technical name hexcode_woocommerce_odoo
Required Apps Inventory Management (stock)
Sales (sale)
Invoicing (account)

WooCommerce - Odoo Connector


Connects Odoo Erp and WooCommerce

Import Store

Import Categories

Import Attribute-Set

Import Attributes

Import Attribute Values

Import Customers

Import Customer Groups

Import Product Types

Import Products

Import Product Images

Image Gallery

Images Drag n Drop


1 year support

Import Products Stock

Import Sales Orders

Import Quotes

Import Invoices

Export Customers

Export Products

Export Images Products

Export Stock Quantity

Export Orders State

Update Products

Upgrade Customer

Orders Status Update

configurable parameters

Product Tag

Enable Sync for WooCommerce

create a rule and a WooCommerce user to allow you to connect odoo.

1) Go to the WooCommerce -> Settings -> Api.

2) Add new Key/Apps

3) User, Description and Role (Write And Read)

4) Save Role

General Settings

odoo configured to communicate with WooCommerce

Once the module is installed, go to the WooCommerce menu. Select Settings and enter the WooCommerce configuration parameters. For example, if your site is about "www.miosito.com" put this in WooCommerce URL. Then enter your username and API Key user Woocommerce. Click Save. If the data is not correct at first import / export odoo will alert you.

Import data from WooCommerce into Odoo

select what you want to import. Odoo will do it all alone!

by going to the menu item "Import Date" you can select the action you want import. As a first step to import the Store list. You can then select a specific store through the drop down menus and after which only import products / customers / orders that concern. To import data from all stores leave the field blank

Auto Import data from WooCommerce into Odoo

Create the auto-import

creates the self-import selecting unit and unit of time. For example if you wanted to import sales orders every day every 14 hours, select "Inverval time = 14" and "Unit interval = Hours". Odoo think to import in the background all your sales orders. You can create an auto-import for any given Woocommerce.

You can configure the default settings for vati data. Add custom prefixes, the default values, etc. actions You can also enter the custom filters for example: "only matter of simple type products".

WooCommerce Store

Import list of all store on WooCommerce. You will be used to carry out import / export operations with certain data.

Import Products

Import all types of Products

Search filters on all fields

There are filters for each view of odoo. so as to allow easy searching of data from odoo

Import Products Images

And 'possible to import all the images of the products. The first will be set as photo product odoo, while all others will be seen in a gallery in the data sheet of the product.

Products Datas

imports all of the data produced in the data sheet of odoo

Any given import corresponds with the main fields of odoo. So as to allow optimal synchronization. In the general view are inserted name, sku / code and selling price. In Notes is added to the product description. In Tab "Woocommerce" we can find the majority of product-related data. And 'possible to change / remove / add any value as Attributes / Categories etc. and update via the "Update Product" button. It will also automatically updated on Woocommerce store. E 'can also synchronize the stock quantity of the product. In Tab "Woocommerce Images" will be a fantastic gallery with all the pictures related to the product description.

Magic Photo Gallery

a plugin fully developed to enable several features

In Tab "Products Images 'and' present a plugin that allows you to view through a tunnel all the product photos with their descriptions. E 'can upload photos via DRAG N' DROP. Remove them, and also select the order of appearance !. By clicking on a photo will start a slideshow to preview it.

Import Stock

In Import Data / or in the product tab, select "import stock" to update the quantity of the products. You will see the units to date using the buttons in the upper right.

Import Customers

Selezioando Import Customers will import all customers with their data. General information will be added in the main board, such as: name, address, email, phone. All other information will be featured in "Woocommerce tab". E 'can change / create a customer and click "export customer"

Customers Group

imports all customer groups.

Import Categories

imports all categories with subcategories

Attribute Sets

imports all attribute set. E 'can change and add additional attributes. In the list view, you can see which attributes are associated to the set.

Attributes and Values

important attributes associated with each Attribute-set and their values

Sales Orders

important all sales order

Woocommerce import from all sales orders, customer and order status. order lines, taxes, totals and Delivery. The delivery will be shown in the "Delivery" button. In the tab "Woocommerce comment" you can add a comment to the order and then export it to Woocommerce.


important all Quotations


important all Invoices

WooCommerce Export

Both from the "Export Data menu" from every single product / customer card, you can export data from odoo in WooCommerce.

1 year 360 support

Contact us for any problem or request!

HexCode guarantees at least 1 year completely free support on any technical problem or information about the module. All customers for anything they can turn to this email address:

federico@hexcode.it - specifying any problem / or requests for information.

If you have any additional requests for extra functions you can always write to the same address and we will assess the feasibility !. If successful you will receive a free copy containing extra features.

The year support also ensures the continuous release of free updates / versions. If available requested from the same email address. Or download it from odoo Apps.

We hope to have provided a very good product, Yours sincerely


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