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Required Apps Website Live Chat (im_livechat)
Website Builder (website)
Included Dependencies
Technical Name im_chatbot_actions
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Required Apps Website Live Chat (im_livechat)
Website Builder (website)
Included Dependencies
Technical Name im_chatbot_actions

Customer Service Chatbot

Always have a customer service chat available to website visitors
even when operators aren't online.

Chatbot features

  • Turn the chatbot on all the time or only when operators are offline.
  • Give it a name, as it appears to visitors.
  • Comes pre-configured with basic English vocabulary/training data.
  • There are 16 languages available, for which you can load basic conversation data from Chatterbot's corpus data (English being the default one):
    • Chinese
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Hebrew
    • Hindi
    • Indonesia
    • Italian
    • Marathi
    • Odia
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Swedish
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Telugu
    • Thai
  • Train it to respond any way you like by entering an input query and a response to it.
  • Export the conversation database into a textual file which you can edit and import back again.
  • Import the conversation data from your Twitter account.
  • Define Notify phrases which trigger an e-mail notification when a visitor asks/uses this term while talking to the chatbot.
  • You can always jump in the conversation between the visitor and bot as it happens.
  • All Livechat channel members can see the chatbot's discussions as they happen.
  • Specify the options for a low confidence response (a percentage match and a response it will give back when it can't provide a good match for the input).
  • Place links in the reponses by using [product_123] where 123 is the product's ID, also [company_email] returns the Company's e-mail address.
  • Uses the same livechat widget from the Odoo's original Livechat module.
  • For a closer look at Chatterbot library click here .

Always there to answer
your visitors questions

Have your customer service always available, 24/7!

Teach the bot to respond any way you want.

Works with the Odoo's original chat widget.

You can always join a discussion
the chatbot is having with a visitor.

The chat window is visible live to all the channel members.

Be notified.

Get e-mail notifications when certain phrases are asked by visitors.

Define Notify phrases which will trigger an e-mail notification
whenever a visitors enters them into the chat window.

Entire sentences can be used,
or individual terms using the wildcard notation (*).

For example a term 'How much*cost*' would be triggered when a website visitor asks a question 'How much would it cost to get this done?'.

Train the bot.

and import/export conversation data.

Train/teach the bot any responses you want in a conversation-like way.
It also learns from every new discussion it has with website visitors.

You can always edit this data manually by exporting it
to a file and importing it back after modifications.

Train the bot from Twitter data.

Twitter integration.

Currently it loads random posts and their responses
from your Twitter account into the bot's databases.

You can always edit this manually by exporting it
and importing it back again after modifying the responses.

Tehnical pre-requisites:

External dependencies needed for this module to work are:

  • chatterbot python module
  • mongoDB installed on the same server instance
    (for chatbot's conversation data)

Contact us

  • Vernon Hogan, BulkTP
  • Antonio Buric, InfoTerra

Customer Service Chatbot


Prerequisites that you have to install for this module to work:

  • Install this python module in a usual way:
  • pip install chatterbot
  • and also make sure you have mongoDB installed on the same machine - mongoDB
  • sudo apt-get install mongo


After you install the module, go to [[ Live Chat ]] >> Channels and enable the bot (as always on or only when there are no operators logged in).

  • Set the bot's name and 'low confidence' options, which determine how it will respond when it can't find a good match/response to a query.


Make it perfect, train the bot to learn to respond to queries you want.

  • Train the bot, by going to [[ Live Chat ]] >> Chatbot >> Training
  • Set notify phrases, which trigger E-mail nofitications, by clicking [[ Live Chat ]] >> Chatbot >> Training
  • Train it from a Twitter account data, by entering the twitter Oauth information on [[ Live Chat ]] >> Chatbot >> Twitter Settings

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