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Technical name ir_attachment_url
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Attachment Url

Use attachment URL and upload data to external storage

The module allows to use url in Binary fields (e.g. in product images). It provides the possibility for uploading files to external storage (ftp, s3, some web server, etc) and uses url instead of transfer binary data between odoo server and client that, in turn, allows to reduce the load on server.
E.g., for uploading files to S3 you can use our module ir_attachment_s3:

How it works

As an example go to Sales → Products menu and open or create new item. Upload any image to the product.


  • Go to Settings → Database Structure → Attachments menu.
  • Add custom filter: Resource Field is set
  • Switch to list view and open the created attachment items: image_small, image_medium, image

In the form that appears change 'Type' to URL and set url in the 'Url' field. As a result you can see related image in your product.

Attachment Url


  • Install this module in a usual way

Odoo parameters

  • Run Odoo with --load=web,web_kanban,ir_attachment_url or set the server_wide_modules option in The Odoo configuration file:
server_wide_modules = web,web_kanban,ir_attachment_url
  • Note: without the configuration above the module UI wouldn't work - and you couldn't use @ button on binary image fields to specify their urls manually. All other functions of the module will work without the --load=..., e.g. you can still use ir_attachment_s3 that specifies urls for you in binary image fields.


  • Go to Sales >> Products menu
  • Open a product
  • Upload image to this product or specify image URL
  • Save the changes
  • Go to Settings >> Database Structure >> Attachments menu
  • See related attachment form that contains URL of the image

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