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Technical name mailgun
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With this module you can receive incoming messages from mailgun. There is no IMAP or POP3 servers on mailgun that is to be used with odoo. That is why we need this module. It fetches messages from mailgun using their API and stores them in odoo.


  • If emails are sent when odoo is stopped then Mailgun will retry (other than for delivery notification) during 8 hours at the following intervals before stop trying: 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hour and 4 hours. This could be fixed by fetching undelivered messages after odoo starts.




Further information

HTML Description:

Usage instructions: doc/index.rst

Changelog: doc/changelog.rst

Tested on Odoo 9.0 c8cd67c5d98b410cabe0a6efb3347a8a4de731d8



  • register or log in
  • On click on you domain, e.g. domain. Here you can see all information needed to configure odoo outgoing mail feature
    • if you in sandbox domain, add Authorized Recepient
    • Copy API Key value into odoo
      • Open menu Settings / Parameters / System Parameters
      • Create new parameter
        • key: mailgun.apikey
        • Value: API Key from mailgun (key-...)
        • click Save
    • Copy smtp credentials into odoo
      • open Settings / Technical / Email / Outgoing Mail Servers
        • delete localhost
        • create new server
          • Description: mailgun
          • SMTP Server:
          • Connection Security: SSL/TLS
          • Username: e.g.
          • Password: ... (copy Default Password from mailgun)
    • From odoo menu Settings / General Settings edit Alias Domain
      • Put your mailgun domain here. E.g.
      • Click 'Apply' button
  • From create new route
    • Priority: 0
    • Filter expression: catch_all()
    • Actions: store(notify="http://<your odoo domain>/mailgun/notify")
  • Set admin's email alias. Open menu Settings / Users / Users
    • choose your user and click [Edit]
    • On Preference tab put alias into Messaging Alias field and click [Save]. E.g.
  • Via your favorite mail client (e.g. send email to
  • Open Discuss in odoo
  • See your message there
  • Reply to the message and check it in your mail client (e.g.

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Works as intended for Odoo 10 Enterprise
by on

Thank you, the module works and intended. Tracking should be managed with a separate module. Will this be ported to 11 anytime soon?