POS Spa/Salon/Nails

v 10.0 Third Party 1

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Technical name pos_retail_spa
Also available for v 11.0
Included Dependencies POS Retail Management

POS Spa/Salon/Nails

TL Technology

Website: http://posodoo.com

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  • Easy Booking and Scheduling
  • Staff/Beautician Configuration and Management
  • Staff/Beautician Management
  • Staff/Beautician Commission Management
  • Chair Management and Allocation
  • Customer Management
  • Analysis of Revenue
  • Membership Enrollment
  • Report Salary day by day filter by contract type (percent/month)

Phone Call Booking with addition of Multiple Services

Config your Beauticians doing on pos screen, config pin login, pass barcode ...and contract commission

1 Device can use by many Beauticians, if any Beauticians need order (book ticket), they're go to pos device

Beauticians login and go to booking ticket queues

Can find ticket viva email, name, phone or ticket name

Beauticians can create order from booking ticket

Or customer have not book, Beauticians can create new order

When Beauticians finished ordering, they'll logout for other Beauticians can do continues

Beautician Manager can setup commission for staff

End of the days, module auto compute commission salary for staff, filter by contracts

Sale total daily report

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