POS Sale Price List

Odoo 1
v 10.0 Third Party 21

50.00 €

Technical name pos_sale_pricelist
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POS Price List

TL Technology

Website: http://demo.posodoo.com

Contact: thanhchatvn@gmail.com


This module support pricelist rules from module sale / sale pricelist

Allow POS module can re-use pricelist of sale pricelist module

At POS Screen, cashiers change customer, pricelist will change the same, re-compute price on order line

Allow cashiers can click to button set pricelists and choice pricelist need apply to customer or nothing customer

At backend POS orders, we're can see pricelist applied by POS screen

Support go live

1 year support

Free upgrade code to odoo v12, v13 ...(no database migrate)

Bugs and Issues support fix free 24/7

Free request new future

Percent 15% payment viva paypal account

Pricelist programs

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nice support
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now it works! thanks for nice support...