Speed Up Point of Sale (POS)



v 10.0 Third Party
Required Apps Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Inventory Management (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Technical Name speed_up_pos
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Required Apps Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Inventory Management (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Technical Name speed_up_pos

Speed Up Point of Sale (POS) in Odoo.

The purpose of this module is to create one cache button to be used by all POS; with this solution it will speed up the loading

of POS. Example, the 819,000 item or product info is successfully loaded within 1 minutes and 2 seconds even if you open

21 POS at the same time.


In this sample I have created three(3) POS, when I open new session in POS main the cache will then created automaticaly

inside the pos config module. that cache will then used by other POS like POS 1 and POS 2. If you try to close the POS main

then open POS 1, the POS 1 will not create another cache instead it used the cache that was been create by POS main.


This is the POS main configuration. As you can see the invalidate cache button inside red circle was the cache that has

been created when we first open a session of POS main and inside the yellow circle is Oldest cache time fields it tells us

the date and time when we created the cache.


This is the POS 1 configuration. As you can see there is no more invalidate cache button, because the POS 1 will be using the

cache located at POS Main, either the other POS will also using that cache from POS main


This is the schedule action form view. click the run manually button if there is an update on your prduct price, product info and

client info. The another way if you don't want to manually update the cache you can set the date and time for it schedule to

perform the updates.


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