Standard Accounting Report

Odoo 19
v 9.0 v 10.0 v 11.0 v 12.0 Third Party 9141
Download for v 11.0 Deploy on
Included Dependencies
Base report xlsx (160 lines of code)
Lines of code 1745
Technical Name account_standard_report
Also available in version v 9.0 v 10.0 v 12.0 v 13.0
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Included Dependencies
Base report xlsx (160 lines of code)
Lines of code 1745
Technical Name account_standard_report
Also available in version v 9.0 v 10.0 v 12.0 v 13.0

Account Standard report

Use the accounting module with the standard report.


This module can generate a accounting report in Odoo Tree View, PDF and Excel, with the new implementation of the accounting from Odoo V9.

In this new implementation there are not openning entries, it is a continously accounting. And in some case in repport the matching have no sense, because some moves are matched with the next year (or after the end date).

Initial balance

Initial Balance with detail on unmatching moves from payable/receivable account.

With ou without reduced balance (credit or debit egual zero) on payable/receivable account.

Use the fiscal date of company to generate the initial balance.

Matching Number

Management of macthing after the end date (replace by * if one move is dated after the end date).

The partner ledger unreconciled don't change over time, because the unreconciled entries stay unreconciled even if there are reconcilied with an entrie after the end date.

Very fast generation by SQL Engine

All reports access from one place.

Easy Use

Helper for the periode.

Easy configuration.

Real-time reports viewing with Odoo Tree View Mode.

Important : Configuration.

Configure the Third Partie type.

Go in your chart of account and configure the fields Third Partie.

General ledger

Partner ledger

Aged Balance

PDF Report

Hight Quality Report

Excel Report

Pivot Feature

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on 3/11/20, 7:24 AM

Start date filter is not working in PDF report.

Accountants love this report
Ravikumar Vetrivel
on 3/4/19, 8:20 AM

Our clients love this report and this is comprehensive. The data is accurate and we haven't noticed any issues or bugs anywhere. Keep up the good work

Re: Accountants love this report
Florent de Labarre
on 4/18/19, 3:32 PM Author

Thanks !

Great Module
on 10/23/18, 6:40 PM

I want to know if there is a way to put on a different column "Initial Balance" for the account? Thanks

Anwser to Ali
Florent de Labarre
on 9/21/18, 3:58 AM Author

For the Partner ledger report, you need to configure accounts, there a new fields : Third Partie, select Supplier or Customer.

Perfect! BUT Partner Ledger not working
on 9/16/18, 9:22 PM

The partner ledger once selected does not show any report via view lines or via excel/pdf Please help

Cannot use on a docker installation
Derrick Wong
on 8/31/18, 3:43 AM

As I am running this on a docker image I don't have enough technical know-how to install the dependencies required for report-xlsx. Is there a quick way to disable the xlsx related features ?

Column with Balance for Multicurrency missing
Tom Lanbacher
on 11/6/19, 3:00 AM

Hello Thank you for this great module :-) I run multi currency in odoo and miss the balance column for second currency. Only standard journal with standard currency is visible. Do I have to activate this some how? thank you for the hint

Mohammad Farooq
on 10/29/19, 1:06 PM

Where can we pre-define the periods?(periode_date)

Re: Preiode
Florent de Labarre
on 10/29/19, 5:14 PM Author

It is define automatiquelly with the accounting start date.

on 12/25/18, 4:27 AM

La balance ne fonctionne pas pour moi , il m'affiche que des 0

Daisy Jai
on 11/27/18, 4:31 AM

Could you please update the license on these module so that we can test in

Not show in app list
on 11/21/18, 10:47 AM

I am using odoo 11 CE at local window server. This app not show in app lists after clicking the update app lists with developer mode. Please advise how to install it in Local server? Best Regards,

very useful reports
Nisarg Patel
on 10/24/18, 7:13 AM

i love this reports module and very usefully but i have migrated version 12 so can you provide version 12 report module.?

Re: very useful reports
Florent de Labarre
on 4/18/19, 3:32 PM Author

it is available for V12

Florent de Labarre
on 6/7/18, 12:38 PM Author

Hi David The menu is Invoicing > Report > Standard Report

Error: QWeb2: Template 'accountReport.buttons' not found
David Thiercelin
on 6/4/18, 11:14 AM

After installing it, There is a new link Invoicing > Report > Audit Reports > Grand Livre. When I try to launch a simple view I get this error : Error: QWeb2: Template 'accountReport.buttons' not found Any good advise please? Is this a known issue?

Nice Module
Florent de Labarre
on 3/22/18, 3:13 PM Author

Very nice module, my accountant love it.