Customer Search Filter

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Technical name customer_search_filter
Technical name customer_search_filter

Customer Search Filter

The “Customer Search Filter” module prepared by Aktiv Software allows user to find customer from their phone number, mobile number, city, email and job position. Main functionalities that are acknowledged within this module:
  • User can find customer through mobile number, phone number, city, email and job position.
  • User can avail this module’s feature in any of the Odoo’s object be it- Sales order, Purchase order or any other object.

Prerequisites before Installation

There are no prerequisites required before the installation.


There are no Configuration required after the installation.

Let’s try finding customers with their phone number in any of the objects. As you can see in the below attached screenshot that user has entered phone number “+3”. So, the customers with phone number is displayed in the dropdown.

Now the below image refers to a situation when user tries to find customers through mobile number. User entered “903” digits for finding customers having those numbers in his/her mobile number.

Now let’s try finding customers according to their city. As you can see in the below image when the user entered city as “fremont” customers of that city were listed in the dropdown.

Now consider filtering the customers according to the email. As shown in the below image user has entered email id to find the customer.

As mentioned in the features, user can also find customer by filtering through various job position. In the below image, user is trying to find customers holding “senior” position.

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