POS Session Dashboard

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Technical name jt_pos_sessions_dashboard
Required Apps Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Inventory Management (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Technical name jt_pos_sessions_dashboard
Required Apps Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Inventory Management (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Important This modules uses one free community module as dependant, Because of app store policy we are not able to directly use or provide that module on app store. but by following the instruction you will get the dependent module, Uncomment the commented "depends" line inside manifest file and comment the existing depends line inside manifest. Additionally put the community module inside your custom module path alogn with purchased module, which is available for free, download it from here.
Key Features
  • All live/active pos sessions and its details on single screen
  • Instance live POS sessions summary info
  • Auto updates sessions data when order created
  • Clasic Session Dashboard view

Live POS Session Dashboard

The main purpose of this modules to display live data for running sessions into single screen without refreshing the browser tab. for e.g. One restaurant or shop could have many branches over the city, state or Country so to give the flexibility to Manager, Officer and Owner of the company to track.


  • Manage your all live/active pos sessions on single screen dashboard with following details of each sessions,
    1. Total Sale
    2. Total Return
    3. Net sale
    4. Recent five orders(Not include return orders) with line details
  • This module instantly will work with your live database, once you will install the module it will fetch all the live session data into the screen.
  • No. of POS summary card will be appear based on active pos session for different company, if any of new session will be created new card box will be added for that session, if any of session getting closed, immediately the session summary detail will be disappear from the dashboard.
After installing module new menu will be created having name 'Session Dashboard' Inside Point of sale and to make this menu for accessible for manager level user need to make the user to Super User.

Let's get details about Session Dashboard with existing database.


Here I have created two Companies.

1. Jupical Technologies

2. Apple Inc.

POS for companies.

Sessions for point of sales.

Here you can see JT POS - 1's and Apple POS - 1's one session is active and one is close, JT POS - 2's and Apple POS - 2's has only one session which is active, JT POS - 3's has only one session which is closed and Apple POS - 3 both has one active session.

Let's install POS Session Dashboard.

Now There are five card box on 'Session Dashboard'. JT POS - 1, JT POS - 2, Apple POS - 1, Apple POS - 2 and Apple POS - 3 with its active session details.

JT POS - 3 has not active session so, there is not any card box for that. But when we create new session for it, new card box will be created on 'Session Dashboard' for JT POS - 3.

Lets Create new order for JT POS - 1.

After creating new order for JT POS - 1 new order will be display first inside JT POS - 1 card box and removed last order detail.

Lets Create new session for JT POS - 3.

After creating new session for JT POS - 3 new card box is created on dashboard for JT POS - 3 with session details.

Lets Close session for JT POS - 2.

After closing session of JT POS - 2 card box of JT POS - 2 will be removed from dashboard.

Lets return one order of Apple POS - 1 session.

Here I have return products for Apple POS - 1/0006 order. So here new order will be created Apple POS - 1/0010 but this return order will not display on card box. Amount of that order will be included inside total returns.

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