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Switzerland - Payroll

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Switzerland Payroll Rules

This module allows you to manage the salaries of your employees

** Features list :**
  • Add Swiss salary rule categories
  • Add Swiss salary rules
  • Add children in school to employee
  • Add LPP range to contract
  • Add LPP Amount to contract.
  • Add Holiday Rate to contract.
** For further information:**
  • Payroll accounting: http://open-net.ch/blog/la-comptabilite-salariale-suisse-avec-odoo-1/tag/salaires-6
** Remarks: **
  • To prevent overwriting your salary rules changes, an update from 1.0.8 and lower to 1.0.9 and higher creates duplicates of the salary rules. This is because with some migrated databases, one may encounter a difficulty with the existing rules (they can not be erased if they are already used). The solution is then to force the existing ones to be non-updatable. And this is done using an included pre-migration script.
  • As this module proposes its own report (same as the original, but with its own footer), don’t forget to make it non-updatable.
  • If you choose to uninstall this module, you have to manually delete the rules.

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V1.0.0: 2014-11-07/Sge
  • Add Salary rule categories.
  • Add Salary rules.
  • Add Employee children in school.
  • Add Contract LPP rate.
V1.0.1: 2014-11-11/Sge
  • Set the ‘LPP rate’’ digits to ‘Payroll Rate’ decimal accuracy.
  • Add some minor changes, based on pull request #66 comments.
  • Add LPP Amount to contract.
  • Add Worked Hours Rate to contract.
  • Add Hourly Rate to contract.
  • Compute the Wage of contract, based on Worked Hours and Hourly Rate.
  • Add new salay rules
  • Add Holiday Rate to contract.
  • Update “Indemnité vacances 8,33%” rule to include “Holiday Rate” from contract.
  • Move salary rules from CSV file to XML file.
  • Import salary rules only at install.
  • Internal reorganization of files (.py and .xml).
  • Added: two new dependencies (hr_contract and hr_attendance)
  • Updated: the “Appears on slip” settings
  • Integrated: report for the payslip, with its own footer
  • Added: a pre-migration script
  • pre-migration script correctly set
  • New: commissions and reimbursements management in pay slips and contracts
  • Journal entries generated by the confirmation of a payslip now inherits correctly of the partner’s name
  • Move commission and reimbursement management to hr_payroll_commission and hr_payroll_expense modules

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  • Open Net Sàrl



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