Mail Relocation

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Mail Relocation

Relocate customer's mails to a correct place (lead, task etc.)

The module helps you to organise mails from customers.

If customer send mail to user's personal alias (e.g., a user would be able to relocate such mail to corresponding record.


Click on an icon of two cross arrows.

Find a record you need and click on "Move" button.

Done! You've attached mail and its child mails to the record.

Scroll down... Moved mails are marked by highlighted icon.

You could easily return mails back if you change your mind.

Tips and tricks

The module can be used to delete a message (it's available for superuser only)

Tested on Odoo
11.0 community
Tested on Odoo
11.0 enterprise

Mail Relocation


  • Install this module in a usual way


  • Open [[ Settings ]] >> Mail Relocation menu
  • In Model field add models to be used for message relocation
  • Check the box [x] Move Followers to move followers by default when relocation


Move message

  • Open [[ Discuss ]] >> Inbox menu
  • Click on icon of two cross arrows
  • Select a record you need
  • Click Move

RESULT: The message has been moved to the record selected.

Move to origin

  • Open the record where the message was moved to
  • Click on the two cross arrows icon highlighted as red
  • Check the box [x] Move to origin

RESULT: The message has been returned back to the original record.

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Hello, I bought your module but it installed brought some new issues. When I try to send regular emails. It seems to stop all rights about open a email model templates. What is the best way to have your support on it ?

Это приложение можно установить на интерпрайс?
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Это приложение можно установить на 11-й интерпрайс?