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Required Apps eCommerce (website_sale)
Website Builder (website)
Technical Name odoo_ecommerce_pwa
Also available in version v 13.0 v 12.0
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Required Apps eCommerce (website_sale)
Website Builder (website)
Technical Name odoo_ecommerce_pwa
Also available in version v 13.0 v 12.0

Odoo Website PWA (Progressive Web Application)

Loads Like a website, Works like an App

The PWA (progressive web application) for Odoo website is designed to work as a normal app on the mobile device. However, unlike any native software application, the client doesn’t need to download it to its device’s memory.


User Guide
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Odoo Website PWA Introduction

A Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a website application that is designed to feel and work like an App. When opened in a mobile phone or similar devices it looks and operates like a native app.

A PWA essentially is a hybrid between a Native App and a website. It offers the features of an App such as offline content browsing, push notifications, etc. without the need of installing it to your device, saving storage space in the process.

You just hit the Pwa URL and use it with the feel of an App.

It also allows you to add it to the home screen of your device so you can access it with one click.

Odoo Website PWA Highlights

Scroll down to read about the PWA features in detail.

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Content caching
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Offline browsing
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Push Notifications
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Quick loading
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Simple Notifications
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Mobile Responsive Design of PWA
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Add To HomeScreen
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PWA Icon
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PWA Name
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Loads on any device/ OS independent
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Safe (https protocol
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Compatible For Multiple Odoo Websites
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A Progress Web Application For Your Odoo Website

Over 80% increase in conversion was the result of BookMyShow's Progress Web Application.
If it worked for them it would work for your Odoo website as well. So convert your Odoo Website into Progressive Web Application.

When the website PWA is loaded, the contents are saved in the cache so even if the internet connection goes out, they would be able to browse the content offline.

The customers can add your Odoo website PWA to their home screen.

Odoo Website PWA is designed to be OS independent (as PWAs are) so you do not need to constantly manage separate App for each platform.

"It Supports Multi-Website compatibility, so you can separately manage PWA features of each of your multiple Odoo Websites"

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Add To Home Screen Popup

An 'Add to Home Screen' prompt is displayed when customer launches the main website.

Click on the Popup to add the PWA icon to the Homescreen of the device.

Now, next time just load the website from the homescreen in a click.

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Browse In Offline Mode

On working internet connection, the website data is cached in the device.

So, if the internet connection is disabled, the user can still browse the website's content which is already cached without any issues.

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Multi-Website Compatibility Enabled

Are you managing multiple Odoo websites from the same database.

Then obviously you would want to have individual configurations of PWA for each website.

With Odoo Website progressive Web Application you can choose separate configurations for each of your websites.

Detailed Features
Here is the detailed list of Odoo Website PWA Features.
Connectivity independent
  • Shows the status of the internet connective.
  • page preloading to help the person to browse without connectivity.
Add to Home screen
  • Allows the customers to add the PWA to their device screen.
  • The Odoo PWA website can then be launched from the homescreen.
Customize PWA icon and name
  • Change the appearance of the PWA website icon.
  • Set the long and short name of your PWA icon from Odoo.
  • You can also change the splash screen background color.
Push Notifications
  • The push notifications can be configured with Firebase Project
  • Send push notifications to PWA website users.
  • Schedule the notifications in Odoo for a later date.
No Need to install
  • No need to install or download in the device memory.
  • Saves customer's device storage.
Build to Acts As / impersonate native App
  • Combines the best web capabilities of website with that of native app.
OS independent
  • The customers can access the PWA website directly through any browser.
  • As no download/installation is needed, same PWA website on different devices.
Push Notification Templates
  • Pre design and store push notifications templates in Odoo
  • Choose the target customers for the a push notification.
  • Select recipients from odoo users, website users, public users or All.
View PWA User List
  • View the number of users using your Odoo PWA website from Odoo.
  • The list is also useful while send push notifications.
Supports Multiple Website Compatibility
  • Made for those who run multiple websites from the Same Odoo.
  • Configure separate PWA website for each website on the same Odoo.

PWA configuration

    Configure PWA settings from backend:
  • Set your web Application Name
  • Choose Application Icon
  • Choose Theme Color

Firebase Integration

Integrate Google FireBase With Odoo Website PWA

Create Push Notifications Templates

Set Push Notification Automatic Schedule

Automatically push notifications to the Odoo PWA users by setting scheduler.
Set separate schedule for each push notification template.

View the List of PWA Users and device

    The list of PWA users show different types of users:
  • Public Users
  • Portal users
  • Internal Users

Odoo Website HomePage & ShopPage on PWA

Offline Mode on Mobile

The user can browse the cached pages in Offline mode
The red icon indicates ‘connection lost status’ for the Odoo PWA

Online Mode on Mobile

The blue indicator appears when connection is restored.
Once connected the user can browse the entire website.

Add to Home Popup On Mobile

PWA Icon and name on Launch Page

Push Notifications on Mobile

Website PWA HomePage View on Laptop and similar devices

Website Shop Page Website View

Offline Mode indicator on Website PWA

Online Connection Restored Popup icon

PWA Push Notifications in Website View

Follow the steps mentioned below to configure Push Notifications For Odoo website PWA in your Odoo:


To send push notifications to your Odoo website PWA users, you need to integrate your Odoo with Google Firebase project.

How to Create Firebase Project Credentials

Visit the Following link to Create Your Firebase Project Credentials.
Login to the Firebase Project using your gmail account. Then click on ‘Create Project’.

Choose the Project Name.

Now, go to Project Settings >> Cloud Messaging.

Here, you can see the Project credentials i.e. Server Key and Sender ID.

Go to Odoo >> website settings.

Enter the firebase credentials under PWA settings to integrate Firebase with Odoo.

Once successfully done, you would be able to send push notifications to the PWA users.

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