POS Sync Sessions

v 11.0 Third Party 39

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Technical name pos_bus
Also available for v 10.0 v 9.0 v 8.0

POS Syncing Sessions

TL Technology

Website: http://posodoo.com

Contact: thanhchatvn@gmail.com


  • We can easily sync orders between sessions (clients like cashiers, waiters ...)
  • Your shop will have multi devices and have multi browse use a POS Odoo, and they'll syncing the same ONE SCREEN POS
  • Supported work on : Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • There is automatically orders Shop by Shop( one shop can syncing between , and You can have multi shop )
  • When your network system have problem (eg: lose the internet), Syncing between clients not work, but Network Up, all transaction automatic syncing again
  • All screen of sessions (POS Screen) the same orders, total amount, order lines ...
  • When new client open the session of POS screen, this client always have order the same client other ordered before
  • When client close browse or turn off the devices (computes), and re-open again, the orders have ordered before will come back (Restore)
  • Only support for your shop like market (not support the restaurant/cafe have a kitchen, table, floor), and if need a support for restaurant , you can buy one more module Click here, only 50 EUR

Support go live

Support from purchased to Odoo die

Free upgrade code to odoo v12, v13 ...(no database migrate)

Bugs and Issues support fix free 24/7

Free request new future

Free Demo request viva email

Free Support viva skype and teamview

Free Support when install more modules of other developers

Percent 20% payment viva paypal account

Multi session open the same time at multi device and multi location

Ipad1 add new product, Ipad2 add new product, auto sync between sessions (ipad1 and ipad2)

Ipad2 change quantity of line, auto sync to Ipad1

Ipad1 change price of line, auto sync to Ipad2

Clients change anything, and sync anything between sessions

Create your shops location need sync

Go Setting, config Sync between sessions

This is one function of all futures

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