Office 365/Exchange Calendar/Contact/Email Sync - PR1

v 11.0 Third Party 64

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Technical name pr1_exchange_contact
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Required Apps CRM (crm)

Exchange/Office 365/Outlook Calendar/Contact Sync - Odoo

This module will sync your Odoo Calendar/Contacts/Email with your Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 server.

Key features:
  • Sync calendar appointments from Odoo calendar to your Exchange/Office 365 calendar
  • Sync calendar appointments from Exchange/Office 365 to Odoo
  • Sync contacts from Odoo to Exchange/Office 365
  • Sync all sent messages/emails in Odoo to your Exchange/Office 365 sent item box.
  • No need for Outlook to be running anywhere.
  • Data is synced to all linked mobile phones/devices that are paired with the Exchange/Office 365 account.

For more info please go: here


Bi Directional Calendar Sync from Odoo->Exchange/Office 365

Contact Sync from Odoo -> Exchange/Office 365

Sent Email Sync from Odoo -> Exchange/Office 365 * Note currently only available in Odoo 10/11.


This module works with professional Microsoft libraries and the Sync process heavy lifting is done via an external server. This free's Odoo up to do its core job which is the ERP platform.
For setup instructions please go here: here
For information about the module please go: here

This module comes with a trial key to enable the sync, full usage requires purchase of a license code.

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where to buy the access code
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where to buy the access code

hi i'm buyed your app ,how to exchange setup
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how to exchange setup config and outlook how to configure , your web links not working need help pls