Stock Ageing Analysis

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Stock Ageing Analysis

..Ageing Analysis for Products..

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Ageing analysis for products filtered by location.
Ageing analysis for products filtered by product category.
Ageing analysis for products filtered by date.
Ageing analysis for products with customizable intervals.


This module adds a new feature, 'Stock Ageing Analysis' to Odoo. We can perform the analysis filtered by location, product category, date, etc.


A new menu, 'Stock Ageing Analysis' is added under Inventory -> Reports for performing this analysis. Clicking on this menu will open a new wizard.

Ageing Analysis Wizard

Here we can set the filters we need to apply. If we need to filter the analysis by location, we should specify those locations in the 'Location' field. If none selected, products in all locations will be considered. The category filter also works in the same way. We can select the categories from the 'Category' field. If none selected, all categories will be considered.

The 'Date' field can be used to specify the starting date from which we need to start the checking. Finally, the 'Interval' field specifies the length of interval in days.

Sample Report

After filling the required details, click on the 'Print' button.

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