HR Exit/Relieving Request Process

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Technical name relieving_request
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Relieving Request Process

Relieving Request Process aims to provide a Relieving Process for the employee.

Relieving Request Process

Relieving Request will be created by HR Manager.

HR Manager will create a Relieving Request for the employee who belongs to their company. Relieving Type can be Resignation, Termination, BGV Fails, Absconding.

Based on the Relieving Type tab will be added with the specified fields. After conforming the request the state of the record will change to In Progress. Send Clearance Form and Reject buttons will be available.

After sending clearance form done button will be available along with Reject and some other fields will populated like Admin,Finance, IT Clearances etc.

After updating all the checkboxes and clicking on Done button the state of the record will move to Completed and all the fields will become readonly.

If the request is rejected then the state of the record will move to Rejected.

For Every State change Email will be triggered to respective users.

Please access the demo below


Database: odooappsdemo_emorelieving_request

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