v 10.0 v 11.0 Third Party 3
Required Apps Fleet Management (fleet)
Leave Management (hr_holidays)
Employee Directory (hr)
Technical Name vehicle_on_rent
Also available in version v 10.0
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Required Apps Fleet Management (fleet)
Leave Management (hr_holidays)
Employee Directory (hr)
Technical Name vehicle_on_rent
Also available in version v 10.0

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Vehicle On Rent

About :-

  • Vehicle on rent module use for give the vehicle on rent. .
  • Now this all process we can do in odoo.
  • Here spellbound make one module which name is vehicle on rent . .
  • With this module all the process will become too easy and reliable for user as well as customers. .
  • So lets start and take one demo of the process of vehicle on rent. .
  • Configuration:-

  • Vehicle Configuration:-
  • First install module vehicle on rent and you can see its create one menu which name is 'Vehicle on Rent'
  • For the starting we need to create some vehicle into the fleet.
  • Vehicle form will come from the menu 'vehicle on rent'.
  • Here we can define the rent based on the hour, day,week and month into the vehicle form as given below image. .
  • As above image i define the different rent for this vehicle here. .
  • Here in vehicle form view add more other things also so we can add that detail as well. .
  • Booking Configuration :-

  • For the book any vehicle just click on the vehicle on rent -> vehicle -> booking
  • When we click on the booking menu it's open one wizard for the vehicle booking.
  • Enter necessary detail into the wizard as shown below.
  • Into the wizard add your rental start date and end date .and click on the check availability button. .
  • Its gives you the list of vehicle which are available at during this time period .
  • Now show the below list and select any one vehicle which you prefer. .
  • And click on the book button for further process. .
  • Reservation Configuration :-

  • When we click on the book button the reservation form will be open
  • Here below the snap of the reservation form.
  • The booking details are automatically come into the reservation form.like start date and end date , and vehicle name and its type.
  • Here into the reservation form we need to add some more detail.
  • Here is one contract type field. Into that there are two selection
  • Short term contract
  • Long term contract
  • Now user have to select particular lease as per the requirement .
  • There are also one driver check box.if user need driver then check it and one driver selection field will appear. .
  • Now enter the customer name and contact number .
  • Make sure that conatct number must be in 10 digits.
  • After done all the detail into the reservation form then save it.
  • Lease Configuration :-

  • In this module you got two types of lease contract over there.
  • Short term lease :-
    • When the customer wants the vehicle for the short time duration then user needs to make the
      short term lease contract.
  • Long Term Lease :-
    • When customer need the vehicle for long time duration user need to create the long term lease contract.
  • After save the reservation there are two button appear as shown above.
    • Confirm reservation
      Cancel reservation
  • Now click on the confirm reservation and it's open the particular lead contract. .
  • Suppose in reservation form contract type is short term lease then it's open short term contract form other wise
    if contract type is long term then it's open the long term lease contract form..
  • Given below example for short term lease contract.
  • Here short term lease is create the with the all information which are inserted into the booking and reservation.
  • So if user generate the long term lease then its generate the long term lease and also have the reservation
    number into the leas as same as short term lease.
  • Here in lease form we got the reservation number for the reference.
  • When lease will make the charge of rent will automatically calculate.
  • Here we can see the hirer detail into the form.for that see the below image.
  • Here in below image we can see that the value in day and hour fields are automatically come base on the
    start date and end date.
  • And the value of rent in hour, day, week and month it's coming from the vehicle rent.
  • Now here click on the create invoice button for the generate the invoice for that particular amount.
  • Invoice Configuration :-

  • The draft invoice is created as we can see into the below image.
  • Into the invoice there are one reference number of lease . so we can get the idea of that particular lease.
  • Into that invoice we get the final amount which user will paid.
  • If user give some advance payment then click on the register button and enter the advance amount.
  • So that amount will be deducted from the main amount.
  • Booking Detail in vehicle Form :-

  • Once the vehicle will booked and confirm its reservation then that vehicle detail will automatically come at the vehicle form. .
  • As given below image .for that just goto the particular vehicle form view.
  • As shown in above image that car name, reservation number and also start date and end date is automatically come.
  • Cancellation Reservation:-

  • In any case if the reservation may be cancel the into the reservation form there are one button for the cancel that reservation. .
  • As shown in below image when click on the cancel button of the reservation then one wizard pop for term and condition.
  • Here when click on the cancel button one cancellation policy rule will be open.
  • Customer should have to agree with this all and click on to the agree button.
  • On click the payment refund process is start.
  • Refund Reservation :-

  • In payment refund there are 2 scenario over there.
    • If the payment is paid
      If the payment is not paid
  • If the payment is not paid then that particular invoice will be directly cancel.
  • And reservation state will also bring cancel.
  • And in other case if the payment is already done from the customer side then it’s make a refund invoice for that particular amount.
  • Here payment was already done so on cancel reservation one refund invoice is created.
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    Vu Minh Tuan
    on 5/4/18, 12:09 AM

    Is there any way for us to translate the module to Vietnamese after purchasing it?

    Re: Localization
    Spellbound Soft Solution
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    yes there is