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Website Coupon

..Manage Your Coupons Simply..

Cybrosys Technologies


This module by Cybrosys Technologies allows us to manage our customers in a better way by providing discount coupons to our special customers, and thereby increase the sales.


Create and configure vouchers for providing a discount based on product, product category or for all products.

Generate a unique code for each coupon.

Limit the usage of coupons by each user.

Provide a validity for the coupons.

History of coupons used by each customer.

Enable the voucher option from the website.

When we added some product to our cart, under the 'Customize' menu, we can see the 'Voucher Code' option.

Apply the coupon by providing the secret code.

After enabling the 'Voucher Code' option, we can enter our coupon code. If that code is valid, it will be applied to the order. The validation is based on the expiry date of the voucher, the voucher type, coupon code entered, coupon balance, etc. The total amount of an order can't be zero or less than, zero.

After we have entered the coupon code and pressed the apply button, the system will check the amount after applying the coupon specified is greater than zero or not. If not, we cannot apply this coupon to this order. In this case we will see a notification saying that this coupon is not applicable.

Create and configure vouchers.

For creating a voucher, there are three options. We can create a voucher for a single product or a product category or for the complete products. For the first option, we need to specify a product, that means, this voucher will be applicable only if the customer has selected this product in his order. The minimum and maximum voucher values can be set here. The expiry date indicates the validity of this voucher.

For creating voucher for a product category, we need to select a category. In this case, this voucher will be applicable only if the cart contains products from this category.

The third option can be used to provide discounts for all the products.

Create and configure coupons and codes.

When we create the coupon, a unique, auto-generated and editable code will be there for each coupon. There are mainly two types of coupons, fixed and percentage. The fixed type is used to deduct a fixed amount from the order. The percentage type will deduct a certain percentage of amount from the order. The total number of available coupons and the number of times one user can use this coupon can be set here. It is also possible to limit this coupon to a single customer, i.e, only one customer can use this coupon.

Coupon History.

Under the 'Coupon History' menu, we can see the details of coupons used by all the customers.

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Version 12?
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Will you be adapting this for v12?

badly inherited replacing whole content which wasn't required.
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No error on invalid codes
by on

I've just installed 11.0 version, works except when entering invalid codes, no error or indicator message is given. Fix?