Control access to Apps

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Technical name access_apps
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Control access to Apps

Allows to configure administrators which don't have access to Apps.

Adds Apps access selection in user's access rights tab. Two options are available:

  • Allow installing apps
  • Allow installing apps only from settings




Further information

Usage instructions: doc/index.rst

Changelog: doc/changelog.rst

Tested on 12.0 b34b7d4270eda98ee8e87516c044161232b335ae

Control access to Apps


  • Install this module in a usual way


After the installation of this module by default no one has access to installing modules. To control such permission follow the steps below.

  • Open menu [[ Settings ]] >> Users & Companies >> Users, select the user you want to grant the access to
  • On Access Rights tab, Application Accesses settings group there is an Apps access security category
  • Select Allow installing apps - to allow apps installation from everywhere
  • Select Allow installing apps only from settings - to allow apps installation only from other module's Configuration >> Settings menu, there is no [[ Apps ]] menu available
  • Select blank line - to restrict application installation


  • Be sure that you don't test the functionality under the Administrator (superuser with id=1) user - he is immune to any access restriction except of hiding menus or buttons in UI
  • If you don't select anything in Apps access: there is no [[ Apps ]] menu - even if your user is in Administration: Settings security group. Also note that you have no ability to include yourself in groups allowing to installing apps - this is what access_restricted module does (access_apps depends on it)
  • If you have Allow installing apps selected: there is [[ Apps ]] menu
  • If you have Allow installing apps only from settings: from other module's Configuration >> Settings menu, e.g. from [[ Website ]] >> Configuration >> Settings see that you have the ability to check the Digital Content checkbox that actually installs the website_sale_digital module after clicking on [Apply] button.

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