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v 12.0 Third Party
Required Apps Purchase (purchase)
Invoicing (account)
Lines of code 332
Technical Name app_import_export_purchase_order
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Required Apps Purchase (purchase)
Invoicing (account)
Lines of code 332
Technical Name app_import_export_purchase_order

Import/Export Purchase Order lines by Excel


Before you install this module first download xlrd library from Here and install on your system.
Run sudo pip install xlrd command in Terminal.

Purchase Configuration to manage large order by Excel

After Installing this module go to Purchases->Configurations->Settings.

There is a option "Import Purchase Order Line from Excel file?".

If you select that option then you will see option "Import/Export Purchase Order lines" in "Action" section at the top bar in Purchase Order form view.

Import/Export Order lines from Excel

By clicking on "Import/Export Purchase Order lines", you will see a pop-up to Import / Export Excel file.

Rules for Import Order Lines

  • You can import order lines only in case of when your Order is in Draft state.
  • You can import only .xls or .xlsx file.
  • Please make sure that your file's column headers must be Code, Qty, Name, Price.
  • Code column is mandatory while import.
  • Code column value must be match to your product internal reference.

Set Default Qty

In order to set default Qty, user need to go to Settings > Technical > Parameters > System parameters and find the key "Defauly Qty To Import Product in Purchase Order" and set the value as per requirement.

Validate Import File

Click on this button it will validate:
  • File is Selected?
  • Order is in draft mode or not?
  • Selected file is .xls or .xlsx?
  • Mandatory column is exist or not?
  • Column name is valid or not?

If there is any validation error than system will pop-up Validation Error Message.
If there is no any validation error "Import" button will be visible.

Import File

After Importing File

Not Imported Product List

If Product Code or ID is not found than it will list not imported Product or ID.

Export Order Lines

After click on Export Template button.

Import/Update Order Lines with Single Import

Lines which you wants import keep ID blank.
Lines which you wants to update don't remove or change value of ID.

Technical Help & Support

For any type of technical help & support requests, Feel free to contact us

Via QQ: 300883 (App user would not get QQ or any other IM support. Only for odoo project customize.)

Visit our website for more support.

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