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Technical Name bi_direct_connecter
Also available in version v 15.0 v 14.0 v 13.0
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Lines of code 1044
Technical Name bi_direct_connecter
Also available in version v 15.0 v 14.0 v 13.0

Odoo Power BI Desktop Direct Connector

Connects your Odoo directly to Power BI Desktop.


The module helps you connect your Odoo (Odoo Sh as well) to Power BI Desktop. It is a one-time price that you pay on Odoo Appstore and enjoy the module for lifetime.

Use Link




  • Simply buy the module and its an Easy Installation which can be done by you.
  • You dont need a DEMO from us! Refer to the Youtube Link below and see the working of the module. For more questions refer the FAQ section below
  • What will you get ? - You will See all your Odoo data (even custom develped modules) in Power BI Desktop and Ability to Refresh your data using the "Refresh" button manually in Power BI Desktop

Happy Data Analytics!


One Time Purchase

No yearly license model. Buy one time and use for unlimited users.

Get all your Odoo data in Power BI

You get to see ALL your Odoo data in Power BI (even custom modules data)

One Click Setup on Windows System

One click setup on Windows with Secure and Signed Connector EXE

Single Click Refresh

Refresh any data change in Odoo from Power BI Desktop in a Single Click

Flexible Table Selection

Select as little and as much Data/Tables you want to load.

Secure Connection

Unique token based connection with your Odoo, hence no security risk.

Time To Load Data

Connector performance in loading data directly from ODOO to PowerBI

odoo powerbi connector performance

Note : This connector is direct connection of Power BI Desktop with your Odoo Server. We have used T2.MEDIUM server for this test, transfer speed can be significantly fast depending on your server configuration. Tables with fewer columns will take only fraction of what above benchmark shows. Even if you have a HUGE DATA this connector can load it without failing or without missing a single record.


Get Data From Odoo To Your Power BI Desktop


Token Based Connection

Techneith Connector connects Power BI and Odoo using the URL and unique Token generated by "Power BI Direct Connector" on your Odoo.

Enter URL & Token generated in Odoo here and connection is setup. Just simple as that.

Getting Data From Tables

Get List of all tables in Odoo (even Custom Modules tables). Select the tables you want Data from and click Load to proceed.

You can apply operations on tables to get customized data. Click "Transform Data" to begin.

Refreshing Data

Refreshing Data and reflecting any change is just a work of single click.

Click on Refresh in Power BI and all changes in Odoo Data will be reflected.

Our Happy Clients & Their Experience With Us


We needed an API to connect ODOO with PowerBi and this was just it. It works great and it has been really useful for our business.
We would really recommend this connector and for sure we will be getting some more products from Techneith in the near future.

by - Gustavo Michel
Recommended product

It was an excellent purchase. I consider it to be the best Power BI connector on the market. Even better has been the customer service given by Techneith, always available to answer any questions.
Recommended product

by - Emilio Quiros
Satisfied with the connector

I have used this connector for one of my custom CRM applications and its serves the purpose. great connector to have with my app.

by - Vikas Dhingra


   Do you also Provide Power BI Reports?

Yes, Our team can build the Power BI reports as well for you as we have been building for other esteemed customers of ours.

   Does it support all Odoo versions such as 12, 13, 14 and Odoo sh as well?

Yes. It supports all Odoo versions such as 12, 13, 14 and works on Odoo sh as well.

   Does it support both Community and Enterprise?

Yes, it supports both Community and Enterpise versions.

   Do I need to buy the module again for a different version when I upgrade ?

Yes, if you chose to upgrade your odoo to a different version then you wil have to buy again but feel free to get in touch with us directly during the upgrade and we might give you a discount on the same considering the fact that you have been a loyal customer already using our module.

   Does your connector work on Power BI Cloud?

No. The connector works only on Power BI Desktop. For Cloud version, Power BI does not offer any tool to develop our custom connector thus, we cannot provide a connection with Power BI Cloud.

   Can I get a live demo of the module?

We have recorded the demo in the youtube ( link ) so that everyone can see the demo and buy the module directly rather than asking us. If we were to provide a live demo it will be exactly the same as shown in video. Thus, there is no point in doing a live demo but if you have any questions we have not covered here you can always contact us.

   Can I use the connector on 1 project only?

Yes. The connector can be used on 1 Odoo instance only and not multiple instances. If you have multi-company setup in your Odoo, the connector will work fine and you will see the data of all companies in power bi.

   Can I publish dashboards in Power BI desktop and schedule automatic data refresh?

The current connector will not allow you to schedule automatic refresh of data but it is easy to do refresh manually using the “Refresh” button on Power Bi Desktop. We have an advanced connector which can help you refresh data directly from dashboard and schedule automatic refresh as well however, please note that you might need to host your Power BI on a windows server if you want to publish reports and be available for others. This is not because of our connector but a generic requirement as you want others to access reports, thus, you have to host Power BI on a server so that it can be available all time. If you are interested in the advanced connector feel free to get in touch with us or if you are using this connector and want to upgrade to advanced version at later point that is also easily possible.

   Do you provide Power BI dashboard building as well?

Yes, our team consists of Power BI developers too so if you need help with building a dashboard we can surely do so.


For any kind of Query or Support reach us at

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Great connector with Power BI. Very good support service.
Anubía Soluciones en la Nube, S.L
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