Employee Loan Management

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Technical name dev_hr_loan
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Required Apps Leaves (hr_holidays)
Employees (hr)
Invoicing (account)

Employee Loan Management

DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt Ltd


odoo App will provide Employee Loan Management functionality.You can configure many loan types, Restrict employee loan request, multiple employee load,loan and payslip connected and many more features..


Hr Loan for Employee.
Notify to Department manager and Hr Manager.
Approve Loan By Department and Hr Manager.
Set the different Loan Type.
Calculation based on loan type like interest Rate, instalment Term, Interest Type.
Manager Can Import Loan Using CSV and XLS file.
Restrict monthly loan request from employee.
Workflow Draft => Submit Request => Department Approval => Hr Approval => Done

How To Work

Create Employee Loan Type By Officer / Hr Manager
Create Employee Loan
Compute Loan Installment
Notify Department Manager when Employee Send Request
Approve Employee Loan Request By Department Manager
Notify to HR Manager for Employee Loan Request
Reject Employee Loan Request By Department Manager
Notify to Employee for Reject Loan Request
Confirm Employee Loan Request By Hr Manager
Notify to Employee Confirm Loan Request By Hr Manager
Reject Employee Loan Request By Hr Manager
Notify to Employee Reject Loan Request By Hr Manager
Paid Loan By HR Manager
View Account Entries
Account Entries of Employee Loan
Loan Instalment Deduct in Payslip
Paid All instalment
Close Employee Loan
Notify to Employee for Closed Loan
Import Employee Loan CSV File Formate
Import Employee Loan Using CSV / XLS file
Import Employee Loan Logs
Imported Employee Loan
View Employee Loans From Employee Screen

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Really good module
by on

Module works really good. Had some minor issues but they fix them really fast. Great support by DevIntelle team.