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v 12.0 Third Party 1
Required Apps Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Invoicing (account)
Leaves (hr_holidays)
Employees (hr)
Inventory (stock)
Technical Name jt_pos_commission_by_shift
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Required Apps Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Invoicing (account)
Leaves (hr_holidays)
Employees (hr)
Inventory (stock)
Technical Name jt_pos_commission_by_shift

Auto Calculate comissions for the Point of sales based on different shift with different Criteria(like Product Category, Product and Total order line amount) and total shift amount.

This module has been tested in community version 12 only


  • Manage POS sales commission by different shift or without shift..
  • Assign sales person in orderline.
  • Calculate commission based on different criteria like product, product category or Total order line amount. Also you can set start date, end date and Sales Persons who are benificary of commission for these citeria.
  • You Can configure different amounts range to measure commission values. User will get the commission for the total orders amount per day/shift that will mapped with range defined for commision.
  • Directly can see commissions rewared by that employee from employee view.
  • Facility to pay commission with configured 'Commssion Account' and by selecting date range & sales persons.

First configure Commission account that will use in commission invoices.

After installation, go to Points Of Sale >> Configuration >> Settings Or go to Settings >> General Settings, in that click on Point of sale section, here you can select commission account in Commission section.

If you want to use Shift wise commission create shifts.

You can create different shifts from Point of sale >> Configuration >> POS Commission >> Commission Shift. In that you can set start and end time duration for shift. You can also configure and salespersons who will list in POS screen to assign sales person in order line.

Also can configure amount range, Shift I/C & Shift S/A persons, criteria for commission and commission price/rate.

Here I have created total 3 shifts.

After that you can create commission rule from Point of sale >> Configuration >> POS Commission >> Commission rules. In that you can check 'Rule by shift' that means selected shift will apply to sessions and shift salespersons will display in orderline. Also you can assign different rules by criteria.

Configured by Product.

Configured by Product Category.

Configured by Pos Order Line.

Then after you can allow to select salesperson per orderline in POS screen. To configure go to Configuration >> Point of sale, here you can see option Allow orderline user. By activating this option you can select selected shift salesperon in POS screen and selected salesperson will get commission accordinly.

Also here you can select commission rule in POS config to be applied. Here in bottom you will see option, Commission Rule Group. Here selected rule will apply to sesions.

Here you can see option to select salesperson for orderline in POS screen. Active shift's selected salesperson will list here.(Automatically get Active shift based on current time and configured time in shifts.)

By clicking on green icon near product you can select different sales persons to each line and from Sales Person at botton before Customer you can select one sales person for all order lines(Products).

If you are not selecting sales person then log in user who are creating order will be sales person for that order line.

You can see selected sales person near product.

Selected salesperson will apply to orderline. You can see in order details.

There is a automated Scheduled action, that will run everyday to assign commission to salespersons for each day.

Following are orders for two days and in different shifts.

All commissions will be created inside Point Of Sale >> Commission >> Commission

If you want to pay commission amount to salespersons, Go to Point Of Sales >> Commission >> Pay Commission. You can pay by selecting date range and salespersons.

I've created commission for all users.

Also You can set sales target for salesperson. There you can set different options like target period (Monthly, yearly etc..), date range. According to that you can generate target periods.

Directly you can see commissions for specific employee from employee form

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