Polish Country States

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Technical name l10n_pl_country_states
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Poland - Country States (Voivodeships)

Adds Polish Voivodeships to Odoo. Voivodeships codes from ISO 3166-2:PL


- Make sure to use Polish naming when sending goods/invoices to partners in Poland
- There are cities with the samne names but in different voivodeships in Poland
- make sure to insert correct postal code, the official postal code database can be found here

Polskie Województwa

Ten moduł dodaje do Odoo województwa zgodnie z obecnym podziałem administracyjnym. Kody zgodne z ISO 3166-2:PL


- pamiętaj że miasta o tej samej nazwie istnieje w różnych województwach
- Oficialną bazę kodów pocztowych znajdziesz tutaj

If you need help with installation or some additional features feel free to contact
Email: Piotr Cierkosz
Website: www.cier.tech


  • Backup your Odoo
  • After purchase you will receive a receipt with a link to download the module
  • Extract the module and upload (place it) into your "custom modules" folder
  • Restart the Odoo server
  • Log in to Odoo and activate the developer mode
  • Go to "Apps" tab and click "Update Apps list"
  • Find the module and hit the "Install" button
  • Restart Odoo
  • Feel free to contact to get a tutorials on how to install modules on different systems


  • Fully Supports Odoo Version 12.0 Community
  • Module tested on clean Odoo installation, no errors detected

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