Internal Messaging

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Internal Messaging

Send private messages to specified recipients, regardless of who are in followers list.

By default, to send a private message to specific recipient(s) you need to delete other followers included to the same document. The module allows to send private messages to recipients you specified, regardless of who are in the followers list.
  • It simplify internal communication in leads, when you need to send some private messages to your colleagues before reply to a customer.
  • It helps in records like project tasks: in a task with many participants, you can easily send message and only specified colleagues will be notified.
  • It allows to have clean inbox for everybody. It's very essential, because people often neglect important message in Inbox full of useless messages.

How it works

Click Send internal message, choose the recipient(s) and send a message.

As a result, the message is sent to the corresponding recipient(s). Other followers will not receive the notification.

Tested on Odoo
11.0 community
Tested on Odoo
11.0 enterprise

Internal Messaging


Nothing special is needed to install this module.


To send a message to specified recipients:

  • Click on the [Send internal message].
  • Choose the recipients that should receive a message by ticking the checkboxes.
  • To add more recipients click on the [Open the full mail composer] on the right upper corner of the message block and choose recipients in the Recipient field.
  • Click on the [Send] button.


Nothing special is needed to uninstall this module.

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