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Technical name opentech_caldav
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Calendar CalDAV protocol implementation

Key Features:

  •    Url: http[s]://yourodooaddress/caldav/yourusername
  •    Support only 1 database
  •    Install Required module ics:
    • On Windows: c:\program files\odoo 12.0\python> scripts\pip install ics
    • On GNU/Linux: sudo pip install ics
  •    Timezone must be established on user profile
  •    Categories on events are not supported
  •    TODO is not supported only Events
  •    Only support send 1 alarm for event
  •    Recurrent events can cause sincronization problems
  •    Recurrent events must be modified on Odoo Web
  •    Attendees are supported
  •    Tested on:
    • Android (opensync)
    • Thunderbird (lighting) - Url: http[s]://yourodooaddress/caldav/calendar/yourusername
    • Evolution - Url: http[s]://yourodooaddress/caldav/calendar/yourusername
    • Outlook (
    • IPhone (SSL is required)
    • Mac Os X (calendar) (SSL is required)


Implementation of the CalDAV protocol for synchronization of calendars between devices. Ask us for a live demo.


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