Multiple categories per product in POS

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Technical name pos_category_multi
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Required Apps Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)

Multiple POS Categories

Use multiple categories per product in POS

By default, you can select only one POS category for a product. The module allows to use multiple POS categories per product and it should be noted that all existing ones will be removed from products after installation.

Open a product edit form and select POS categories.

Start a POS session to check the availability of the product in categories.

Multiple categories per product in POS


When the module has been installed, pos_categ_id field (model: Product) with many2one type will be deactivated. It will create pos_category_ids field with many2many type instead. Values of the field are not transferred (it is possible to implement in the future).


After installation check that categories are empty.

  • Add some product into two different POS categories
  • Open the first category
  • Check the product is available in
  • Then open the second category and check the same.


After the module uninstallation pos_category_ids field will be deleted and pos_categ_id field will be activated.

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