POS Longpolling

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Technical name pos_longpolling
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Required Apps Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)

POS Longpolling

Technical module to implement instant updates in POS


If you need to see longpolling requests at browser's Network tool, be sure that you don't have other opened tab to the same address. Otherwise, odoo smartly sends longpolling requests via one of existing tabs only and pass result via localStorage.





Further information

Demo: http://runbot.it-projects.info/demo/pos-addons/12.0

HTML Description: https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/12.0/pos_longpolling/

Usage instructions: doc/index.rst

Changelog: doc/changelog.rst

Tested on Odoo 12.0 b05e34a0d9b13a1c6971b99ed3e5fa20199f3545

POS Longpolling


Check following resources about activating longpolling:

In short, you need to start server with non-zero workers parameter::

openerp-server --workers=2 ...

and configure nginx:

location /longpolling {
location / {


If you use PgBouncer or something similar, be sure that LISTEN/NOTIFY features are supported. For PgBouncer it means that you have to use Session pooling

Database connections limit

It's highly recommended to check odoo and postgresql settings about connections limits. In short, it must satisfy following condition:

(1 + workers + max_cron_threads) * db_maxconn < max_connections

Where max_connections is postgresql setting and the rest are from odoo.


Status Icons

Longpolling Icon:

  • Red - There is no connection to the server. Offline mode
  • Orange - There is a connection to the server, but we haven't received a response from polling yet
  • Green - Online
  • Rotating - Connection is updating

To manually reestablish connection or to check its presence click on the longpolling icon.

Wi-Fi Icon:

Shows the correctness of the order sending to the server

  • Red - There are some unsent paid orders.
  • Green - All paid orders were sent.

Wi-Fi sign can be reestablished only manually, or after the one another order is paid. If it is red make sure that the internet connection is on and click on the icon to send orders before turning off the device in order to prevent data loss. If internet connection is present but orders are not sending, it could mean that the error has occurred.

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So useful, saves time and is awesome!
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If you need polling between your frontend and backend, this is THE module! Thanks for the great work you have done IT-Projects LLC :)