Restrict out-of-stock POS Orders

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v 12.0 Third Party 2

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Technical name pos_product_available_negative
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Required Apps Inventory (stock)
Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Invoicing (account)
Included Dependencies

Restrict out-of-stock POS Orders

Only a supervisor can approve a POS order with a product which is out of stock

The module checks whether an order contains products with nonpositive quantity.

If it does and a cashier doesn't have right to approve it, then a popup will be shown. Popup displays list of user who can approve the order.

Then the cashier must ask a supervisor to approve the sale.

The password must match the value in the "Security PIN" field in the Setting / Users section.

Information about a person who authorized a sale you can find in an order record in the "Negative stock approval" field.

Restrict out-of-stock POS Orders


  • Install this module in a usual way


  • Go to [[Point of Sale]] >> Configuration >> Point of Sale
    • Open POS config form
    • Click [Edit]
    • Set Negative Order Group
    • Click [Save]


  • Go to [[Point of Sale]] >> Dashboard
    • Open POS session
    • Select a product with negative qty
    • Click Payment
    • Click Validate

RESULT: If the user doesn't belong to Negative Order Group, the popup appears prompting to confirm the action by autorised user

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