Product Management Interface

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Technical name product_management
LicenseSee License tab
Read description for v 11.0
Technical name product_management
LicenseSee License tab
Read description for v 11.0

This is the product management tool aims to improve catalogue administration and to simplify implementation of changes. The app introduces the innovative interface to search, to analyse, to select, and to mass edit Odoo product templates. The tool consists of the core module and four extra optional add-ons:

  1. Product Management Interface - the core app. It might be used stand-alone as a system to find, pick up, and update basic product fields. The price is 92 Euro
  2. Product Management Interface: e-Commerce - the optional module, which introduces mass products actions to change E-shop related attributes. The features assumed by this add-on are marked by the icon . The price is 10 Euro
  3. Product Management Interface: Warehouse - the optional module to update in batch warehouse characteristics of product templates. The features assumed by this add-on are marked by the icon . The price is 10 Euro
  4. Product Management Interface: Accounting - the optional module to manage accounting traits of products in bulk. The features assumed by this add-on are marked by the icon . The price is 10 Euro
  5. Product Management Interface: Purchases - the optional module offering mass actions on purchase columns of products. The features assumed by this add-on are marked by the icon . The price is 10 Euro

The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community.

Structure products by categories just through ticking check boxes. The tool let you select one or multiple ones, choose only parent category or all children recursively
Systematize product templates by available attributes values. Now it is not a trouble to select all templates which might be both white and metal
New Navigate by E-commerce categories to search products from E-shop perspective
Apply standard product filters using Odoo regular search to narrow results
Choose an unlimited number of products step by step. A current selection is not spoilt with a new search or when you opened a record. You may also select all products found by you criteria (not only ones displayed on a current page)
Configure the list of mass actions through selecting among multiple ones offered by the tool. Look for the whole list at the section Mass Actions List
Execute any of chosen multiple mass actions and observe results in real-time. New you might define by your own which product fields should be shown on a kanban card in addition to standard columns
The interface is available for any user which has rights for products (e.g. sales, warehouse or purchase manager) and who has the group 'Product manager' assigned. Configuration might be done only by the group Administration / Settings
The tool supports multiple click events. To open a product form - click on a image area, to select an item for mass update – click on any other area of this Kanban card
The module features depend on your Odoo version. Please select required one on the top right of this page
Product interface overview
Product management selection

Mass Actions List

Mass actions are operations which might be proceeded for a number of products in batch. The tool offers multiple actions, among which you can select required ones.
  • Archive products in bulk
  • Restore selected products which have been previously archived
  • Change product category of all selected items
  • Add / remove an attribute value to all found templates
  • Export chosen items (the setting 'Export products' should be turned on)
  • Mass edit product type (consumable, service, storable)
  • Publish or unpublish products in batch
  • Update products to be saleable / not saleable
  • Update products to be purchasable / not purchasable
  • Add / remove public E-shop categories of selected templates
  • Add / remove products' alternatives
  • Add / remove products' accessories
  • Assign a new vendor to product templates in bulk and make this supplier the most prioritized
  • Add / remove logistic routes
  • Modify invoice policy ('Ordered quantities', 'Delivered quantities')
  • Duplicate a few product templates simultaneously
  • Add / remove customer taxes
  • Add / remove vendor taxes
  • Subscribe to / unsubscribe from products' discussions
  • Add / remove templates' followers
  • Add / remove optional products
  • Update purchase method ('On ordered quantities', 'On received quantities')
  • Update tracking method
  • Change price difference account
  • Change income account of products
  • Change expense account of templates
  • Change inventory location
  • Change production location

Beside the list above you can also prepare your own mass actions. Look at the configuration tab.

Take into acount that update of high number of product templates (e.g. 1000) might take significant time. In such a case you should increase your Odoo configuration timeouts. Besides, some operations might be impossible in Odoo: for instance, creating of more than 1000 variants for a single template.
Products by categories filtered by attributes and standard search for mass update
Product interface overview
Product templates to be found quickly
Product management selection
Product management configuration
Select optional features
Mass actions list for products
Update products in batch
Mass action example: update attribute values
Update attributes selected products
Mass action example: change internal category
Batch change of products' category
Place any template field to each kanban card
Odoo product dynamic kanban
E-commerce categories hierarchy in the navigation panel
Templates filtering by e-commerce categories
Product management: security group
Rights for mass editing of products
Mass action example: export
Export selected products
Mass action example: edit optional products
Modify optional products in bulk

Mass actions

Bulk actions for products templates are based on Odoo server actions. It means that you can prepare your own custom mass editing operations. Take into account the following peculiarities:
  • As the model always use 'Product Template'. Otherwise you action would not be displayed in the list of operations
  • In case you want to return a wizard, such a wizard should not have a footer (only standard buttons) and should have an explicitly specified view_id. Look for examples in any module of the Product Management Bundle
Example of custom mass action
Odoo server action for product templates

Installation Tips

In order the widget works correctly, re-start Odoo server. If you faced the error 'Qweb2: Template is not found': restart Odoo server > refresh the page (Ctrl+Shift+R)

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It is forbidden to publish, distribute, sublicense, or sell copies of the Software
or modified copies of the Software.

The above copyright notice and this permission notice must be included in all
copies or substantial portions of the Software.


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Works excellent after latest updates
by on

After recent updates the tool became very good and convenient. With new feature to add own chosen fields it allows us to manage our product very efficiently. Thanks!

Fantastic module
by on

This module earned itself back in the first day, a must have when working with lots of products. A minor issue with product attributes was solved within 12h, great service. I would be nice to be able to filter products in the left pane on e-commerce categories and standard categories. It can be confusing that when selecting products they are always added to the selected products list until the list is cleared manually. It would be nice if there was a setting to block this behavior and the list was cleared with every new filtering.

Works nice
by on

I find it quite nice module for product management. After the enhancement of not requiring to click exactly on the checkbox it became convenient and fast to use for standard intended functions. Thanks guys! One suggestion for improvement though: a possibility to choose on the fly what fields of product template are shown in the tiles would be really helpful. In such way you would be able to see if the fields of your interest need updating when you are managing the products. When seeing such big tiles I was kind of expecting such functionality to be included and bought the module with this kind of assumption and expectation. Currently you are editing the fields blindly. Such fields selection could be another section on the left pane below the attributes. This feature would make it a really powerful products management tool.

Re: Edward Terry
by on

Hello Edward, the app let you export manually selected products. It is possible to select products in batch after filtering. As for import: the app doesn't have such features. However, if you had some ideas how it should be done from a user perspective, we would be glad to consider those ideas. Please write to us on this form -

Almost exactly what I need...
by on

If this had the ability to schedule imports/exports that would be perfect for what I need. Do any of your apps have that functionality?