Stock inventory valued report

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Technical Name stock_inventory_valued_report
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Stock inventory valued report

Crea un informe para analizar el valor del inventario. El informe es muy útil cuando el método de cálculo del coste está establecido como FIFO.

Si necesita realizar cambios en los movimientos actuales para aplicar el método de coste FIFO puede usar el siguiente script de Odoo Shell

``` def recompute(moves):

moves.product_price_update_before_done() for move in moves:

if move._is_in() and move._is_out():
raise Exception(
'The move lines are not in a consistent state: some are ' 'entering and other are leaving the company.')

company_src = move.mapped('move_line_ids.location_id.company_id') company_dst = move.mapped('move_line_ids.location_dest_id.company_id') try:

if company_src:
if company_dst:
except ValueError:
raise Exception(
'The move lines are not in a consistent states: they do not ' 'share the same origin or destination company.')
if company_src and company_dst and !=
raise Exception(
'The move lines are not in a consistent states: they are ' 'doing an intercompany in a single step while they should ' 'go through the intercompany transit location.')


entry_moves = moves.filtered(lambda m: (

m.product_id.valuation == 'real_time' and (

m._is_in() or m._is_out() or m._is_dropshipped() or m._is_dropshipped_returned()


)) for move in entry_moves:


return moves

print('Update categories method cost to FIFO') categs = self.env['product.category'].search([]) categs.write({'property_cost_method': 'fifo'})

print('Recompute moves') moves = self.env['stock.move'].search([], order='date asc') recompute(moves) ```


License: Trey Kilobytes de Soluciones SL

Trey Kilobytes de Soluciones SL

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Rigoberto Quintana
on 4/29/21, 8:22 AM

Tienes este reporte para la version 13?

on 4/29/21, 10:33 AM Author

No, solo está disponible para la 12