Inactive Sessions Timeout

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Technical name tis_session_timeout
Technical name tis_session_timeout

Inactive Sessions Timeout

This module was written to be able to kill(logout) all inactive sessions since a given delay. On each request the server checks if the session is yet valid regarding the expiration delay. If not a clean logout is operated.


To configure session timeout, Activate the developer mode.Then goto Settings >> Technical >> System Parameters

Two system parameters are available here:

  • inactive_session_time_out_delay: validity of a session in seconds (default = 2 Hours)
  • inactive_session_time_out_ignored_url: technical urls where the check does not occur

You can change the validity of a session in seconds by clicking inactive_session_time_out_delay

When the validity of a session is expired, a pop-up will display on the screen.

By refreshing, the page will redirect to the login page.

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module not working
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no effect after installing module. it did show the new parameters like shown in the description.