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VOIP in Odoo

IP telephony in Odoo.

LiraX - lirax.ua

  1. The best WebRTC based PBX with native CRM Integration
  2. SIP
  3. PowerFull API
  4. Calls from WEB Browser, Sip devices
  5. Forwarding Call, Hold, Conference, Simulteneous Calls, CallCenter, Black and White lists, Calendar, Predictive and Progressive Campaign, SMS etc.
  6. IVR, Many IVR function: WebHook, CallBack, PlayBack from URL etc.
  7. Call Tracking, Google Analytic Integration
  8. Widget for CallBack, WebForm, WebChat
  9. No Asterisk

Help and Support

Feel free to contact us, if you need any help with your Odoo integration or addiontal features.
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Odoo type error
Kaja Mydeen
on 3/26/20, 8:12 AM

After installing the module in Odoo12 enterprise. When I click on the phone number, it raise below error. TypeError: this.phone is undefined http://localhost:9097/web/content/747-51c34bc/web.assets_backend.js:3746 Traceback: _makeCall@http://localhost:9097/web/content/747-51c34bc/web.assets_backend.js:3746:3257 _onVoipCall@http://localhost:9097/web/content/747-51c34bc/web.assets_backend.js:3747:743 proxy/

Is it good for a call center?
Daly Babay
on 3/25/20, 12:20 AM

I have a call center of 13 people I want the autodialer, predictive dialer, and the automated call recording will this be good for us

Re: Is it good for a call center?
on 3/25/20, 8:14 AM Author

Hi Daly Babay, no it don't have autodialer and predictive dialer, but it good idea.

Odoo type error
Kaja Mydeen
on 3/25/20, 7:12 AM

Hi Team, We are getting odoo type error from JS. this.number is undefined. Could you please help us. Thanks.

Re: Odoo type error
on 3/25/20, 8:18 AM Author

Hello Kaja, could you give my more information about it, please.