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Technical Name email_headers
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# Robust Mails

This module is used to improve email deliverability and make sure that replies find their way to the correct thread in Odoo.


  • Force the From and Reply-To addresses of outgoing email
  • Generate a thread-specific Reply-To address for outgoing emails so that losing the headers used to identify the correct thread won't be a problem any more.

## Gotcha

To make the automatic bounce message work when using thread-specific Reply-To addresses, you should define the actual catchall alias in a system parameter called mail.catchall.alias.custom and change the mail.catchall.alias to something completely random that will never be used, or alternatively remove it.

The reason is this: when Odoo is looking for a route for an incoming email that has lost its headers, it won't check whether the email was sent to catchall@whatever.com but instead it will see if the local part of that address contains the word catchall. And this isn't a good thing when the address is something like catchall+123abc@whatever.com. That's why we had to skip the default catchall evaluation and redo it in a later phase.

## Database-specific Settings

Setting | Purpose | Default value |
--------------------------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ------------------------- |
email_headers.strip_mail_message_ids | Office 365 emails may add whitespaces before the Message-Id's. This feature removes them. | "True" |
email_headers.prioritize_replyto_over_headers | When "True", Odoo will prioritize the (unique) Reply-To address of an incoming email and only then look at the References and In-Reply-To headers. | "True" |
mail.catchall.alias | The default catchall alias. See "Gotcha" for more information. | "catchall" |
mail.catchall.alias.custom | The new catchall alias setting. See "Gotcha" for more information. Will be set automatically upon module installation. | mail.catchall.alias value |

## Debugging

### Decode and decrypt a message id

`python from odoo.addons.email_headers.models.mail import decode_msg_id decode_msg_id(<encrypted and base32/64 encoded message database id>, self.env) `

### Encrypt and encode a message id

`python from odoo.addons.email_headers.models.mail import encode_msg_id encode_msg_id(<message database id>, self.env) `

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