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Technical Name server_action
Also available in version v 12.0 v 11.0 v 9.0 v 10.0
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Lines of code 260
Technical Name server_action
Also available in version v 12.0 v 11.0 v 9.0 v 10.0

Server Action

The Server Action module allows the admin to START, STOP and RESTART the server by mentioning the commands to start, stop and restart the server. Admin can manage multiple servers and can add details such as username, client name, server URL, and password. This becomes helpful when client faces difficulty during the need for updating various server actions. Admin can simply click on those server action buttons and can easily run the code mentioned in the commands. As a result, clients can get their server problems fixed without any hassles. Here are the features of this module:

  • Admin can list down the credentials for different client’s server.
  • Also, as the server action commands vary for different OS, so admin can set commands for START/STOP/RESTART accordingly.
  • When clicked on the server action button the command mentioned will run successfully implementing the action.
  • Admin can also track the server actions made for various client server through history management feature.
  • Additional information can be mentioned in the instruction tab if needed.

Prerequisites before Installation

  • pexpect: sudo pip install pexpect.


  • Only users with access right to "Server Action" can manage server actions.
  • Settings > Users > Other > Server action
  • Add list of server details.

As you can see from the image admin can add multiple client servers with various details such as username, password, server URL, and client name. Separate user groups are created so that server action can be managed easily and admin can also provide access to particular user for managing server action.

Go to Server Action-> Create->Add details.

After listing the client server details admin in case of any difficulty from client server can perform various server actions such as START, STOP and RESTART. Moreover, admin can provide commands for server actions as per the OS.

When clicked on the server action particular command will run in backend and client server issue will be resolved easily without need to connect to terminal Odoo.

All of the serve actions performed can be managed through the history. Admin can view client server name, created by which user and the server action performed on that server.

Requirements and exceptions

  • To start using this module you have to install following python package in your system
    -> pexpect: sudo pip install pexpect

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What about SSH key pairs authentification !
Clément MUTZ
on 7/2/20, 3:50 PM

This module is a "good idea", but a secure and manage server needs to be accessible with SSH key pairs authentification ! Are you aware of this lack, on your module, and do you plan to provide this improvement.

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