Vehicle Repair Management



v 13.0 Third Party 5
Required Apps Employees (hr)
Sales (sale_management)
Invoicing (account)
Lines of code 2173
Technical Name vehical_repair_management
Also available in version v 15.0 v 12.0 v 14.0 v 11.0
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Required Apps Employees (hr)
Sales (sale_management)
Invoicing (account)
Lines of code 2173
Technical Name vehical_repair_management
Also available in version v 15.0 v 12.0 v 14.0 v 11.0

Vehicle Service / Repair Management

Allows you to easily manage your vehicle repair workshop.

Few Words About The Vehicle Service / Repair Management

This module will help you to manage your vehicle repair / service workshop very easily.

Main features:

  • It has many configuration option, that will make workshop management easier.
  • Options like separate and intuitive implementation of vehicles and services configuration.
  • You can categorize vehicle services.
  • Create different Service/Repair Teams by their expertise skills and assign different services to these teams.
  • To manage the vehicles you have options like vehicle types, brands(make), spare parts, fuel/engine types etc.
  • There is a feature to auto save a new vehicle by its plate number, and in future it will be used to fetch the vehicle details while create a service work order. This will save your time.
  • Here we also provide an option to create service templates, You can create these templates and use them to create a service work order very quickly.
  • In the settings there are options to manage the mail notifications.
  • It also gives you the reporting feature and much more.
Work Flow: How The Vehicle Service / Repair Management Works
Configure User Group:
  • Manager has the complete access of the app
  • User can only create work orders
Create Service Categories:
Services List:
Create a Service:
Service Teams List:
Create Service Team:
Mechanic Kanban view:
Creating Mechanic with details:
Vehicle Types List:
Vehicle Brands(Make) List:
Create Vehicle Brands(Make):
Vehicle Spare Parts:
Vehicle Fuel Types List:
Saved Vehicles List:
Saved Vehicle [Used to get the vehicle details by plate number]:
Service Templates List:
Create a Service Templates:
Vehicle Service Work Order Kanban:
Creating Vehicle Service Work Order:
Add Used Spare parts in Vehicle Service:
Add Vehicle Details:
Add Vehicle Images:
Mail to customer when work order is confirmed:
Customer Work Order Receipt:
Service team Work Order Receipt:
Sale Order Created for work order:
Related Application:

Vehicle Repair/ Service Feedback

Get customer's feedback after service

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Mr. Khan
on 11/17/21, 5:00 AM


We would like to buy this module for a motorcycle repair shop. I have to confirm whether it will work or not. So we need a demo of this module.

Please let me know.