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Multi-Brand Backend

Technical module to switch Websites in Backend similarly to Company Switcher

Version: v13.

Tested and maintained by
IT Projects Labs
Assitance: help@itpp.dev

Multi-Brand Backend


  • Install this module in a usual way
  • As this is a technical module, consider to install other modules that use this one, for example ir_config_parameter_multi_company


Activate Multi Websites for Backend:

  • Activate Developer mode
  • Navigate to [[ Settings ]] >> Users >> Users and set [x] Multi Websites for Backend for selected users


Website Switcher

Once you activated Multi Websites for Backend, will see Website Switcher in top right-hand corner.

Company Properties

Via menu [[ Settings ]] >> Technical >> Parameters >> Company Properties (available in Developer mode) you can find exact values for Website-dependent fields. The menu shows normal Company-dependent fields too. To filter them out use new filter Website-dependent.

How it works

For a given record field and context (Company, Website), priority of the properties to be used as field's value is as following:

  1. Website and Resource are matched
  2. Website is matched, Resource is empty
  3. Company and Resource are matched, Website is empty
  4. Company is matched, Resource and Website are empty
  5. Company, Resource and Website are empty (i.e. only Field is matched)

Note, that when Company and Website are both set, Website's Company must be equal to Company or Empty. Otherwise such records are ignored.

On computing in non-website specific context it works as without the module, i.e.:

  1. Company and Resource are matched
  2. Company is matched, Resource is empty
  3. Company and Resource are empty (i.e. only Field is matched)

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