Website Helpdesk Support Ticket in Odoo, Issue Management for customers support



v 13.0 Third Party 8
Required Apps Website (website)
Project (project)
Invoicing (account)
Sales (sale_management)
Employees (hr)
Technical Name website_axis_helpdesk
Also available in version v 12.0
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Required Apps Website (website)
Project (project)
Invoicing (account)
Sales (sale_management)
Employees (hr)
Technical Name website_axis_helpdesk
Also available in version v 12.0

Most Preferable Odoo Website Helpdesk Support Ticket Management | Customer Ticket based HelpDesk Support Module for Odoo Website

We believe in helping you Make Happy Customers. Easily scale and streamline your customer service and drastically improve your customer’s experience.

Cut down on time thieves. Take quick actions like assignments, changing priority, ticket status and due date right there on the ticket list in DASHBOARD. Website Helpdesk Module - provides website interface for submitting requests by the users. Read the Website Service Desk module guide for more information.

Customize the data collected from users when submitting a ticket to help get straight to the issue, This odoo website service desk system allows you to define rules to route incoming tickets to the right department, agents, as well as trigger actions.


This module supported Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise edition (If you want to run in enterprise edition you have to uninstall existing helpdesk module)

Features of Website Helpdesk Module

Dashboard Reports

Our rich and modern dashboard keeps you up-to-date on your help desk statistics

Manage Support Executive

Add, edit, and delete your support employees or support agents and set access

Customer Support Portal

Customer support portal odoo website to help your business manage tickets

Report of Each Users

You simply see all activity and report of support users and customers

Ticket Filters

Helpdesk Ticket feature allows to the right tickets goes to the right department

Email Notification

Configurable auto email sending mechanism when customer create support ticket from odoo website

Agents/Support Executives

HelpDesk Support admin allow staff to assign tickets during response to avoid confliction

Assign, Status, Resolved

Transfer tickets between departments when being handled by the correct agents with status

Website Portal

All support responses are display in odoo website helpdesk tickets menu for customers

Tasks for Agents

Tasks can be associated with tickets or they can stand alone in the help desk

Summary Option

Summary Menu for Future v/s current ticket status check this will display in admin

Calender View

from odoo helpdesk support admin you can see all ticket in calender view

Bill/invoices from a list

Support Manager can close tickets and send invoice to customers as per timesheet

Document Attachment

Document attachment functionality implement in odoo website frontend form

Responsive Website Form

Added features in odoo HelpDesk support form for create customer tickets request

Roles and Rights

In this odoo website helpdesk support module allows set roles and right for users

Kanban View

Create custom feild in kanban view and drag and drop ticket with it's status

List view

Perfect user interface for listing all ticket display in list view for Support Admin/Support Agent

Star sign for priority

When customer create support request through star field for set priority(Urgent, High, Medium)

Activity View

from odoo helpdesk support admin you can see all ticket in activity view

Chatter Message Send

Chatter Message Send feature available for customer they can write and send to admin/agents

Website HelpDesk Module and HelpDesk Support using Customer Tickets:

A customer support module that built for best practices and rated as the best help desk support by multiple independent industry sources.

This module will help you in Quick Reply - Sometimes all that is needed on a ticket is an acknowledgment. Interact faster with Instant preview and Quick reply without ever having to open the ticket.
Bulk Response - Quickly select related tickets and apply bulk actions like changing ticket status, assignee and due dates, Admin can assign multiple tickets to multiple support agents.

Click on Settings => User => Support User (Support Agent/Users Group)

Support User of this helpdesk support module

HelpDesk Team Configuration

You can add helpdesk team and assign to support user.

Helpdesk Team Detail

Add Support User,Manage Team and assign tickets.

Support User can communicate with Support Manager(Admin).(Cannot Create Task and Invoice)

Kanban View - Tickets with Status

Customer tickets status (New, Pending, Progress, Resolved) - You can modified as per your requirement

List View - Tickets with Status

Form View - Detail page of Customer Ticket

Activity View - Tickets with Status

Manage customer tickets and see all tickets in the activity view

Calendar View - Tickets with Status

Manage customer tickets and see all tickets in the calendar view

Website Support Ticket Form

Customer can generate ticket with detail and document attachment

Thanks Message- When ticket is created.

Your Tickets on Portal/My Account

Website Chat Box for Sending Message

Customer and Support user can communicate in chatter message box with document attachment

Backend Chatter Box for Send Message

Support Manager reply in chat message box from backend

See Message sent by Customer and Attachments in Ticket Detail

Manage Customer Tickets Document Attachments

Support Manager Assign Tickets to => Support User

Support Manager(admin) can create task(Optional)

Manage Assign Support User for Assigned Ticket

Support Manager can create and send Invoice/Bills to customer for payment

Invoice/Bill Sample

Status of Customer Ticket - (New, Pending, In Progress, Solved)

Manage Timesheet for Support User/Support Manager

Timesheet and Customer Support Ticket Hours

Dashboard - Customer Ticket based Support Website HelpDesk Management

Summary - Overall Status of HelpDesk Customer Tickets Status and Reports

Manage Tickets Report

Report view in Bar Chart

Report view in Line Chart

Report view in Pie Chart

Print PDF Support Ticket Report

Odoo Website HelpDesk WorkFlow

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