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Technical Name odoo_backup_sh
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Lines of code 2885
Technical Name odoo_backup_sh
Versions 14.0 11.0 12.0 13.0

S3 backing up

Yet another backup tool, but with sexy graphs

Key features:
  • Convenience: Smart rotation, Schedule, Graphs
  • Security: Backup encryption
  • Affordable price: attractive tariffs

Smart rotation vs. Normal rotation

With the same amount of space,
We keep a more interesting data set

Normal: last 10 backups for 10 days
Smart: last 7 backups for 7 days & 3 backups for last 3 weeks

Time frames

Set a schedule according to your needs

Morning, before office hours, afternoon, after office hours
Every two hours
At night only
On sunday only


Look out for changes than deal with the consequences

Backup size did not adequately increased
Current backup configuration did not failed

Backup encryption

Keep your data safe and sleep well

Specify a password to protect data in backup files produced by the backup job and take a control over your personal information


Export and download your data in one click

If Backup is encrypted you can extract it using gpg utility.

Need our service?

Contact us by email or fill out request form

  • apps@it-projects.info
  • https://www.it-projects.info/page/website.contactus
  • https://m.me/itprojectsllc
  • skype@it-projects.info
Tested on Odoo
13.0 community
Tested on Odoo
13.0 enterprise

S3 Backing up


  • Install a Python wrapper for GnuPG

    pip install pretty-bad-protocol
  • Install Amazon Web Services (AWS) SDK for Python

    pip install boto3
  • Install this module in a usual way


S3 Storage

  • Create S3 bucket and setup credentials for it
  • Go to your Odoo
  • Open the menu [[ Backups ]] >> Settings
  • Set following fields:
    • S3 Bucket
    • Path, e.g. odoo-backups. Note that the folder must exist. Keep empty to save backups directly to the root folder
    • Access Key ID
    • Secret Access Key

Backup Schedule and rotation

To setup backups do as following:

  • Open the menu [[ Backups ]] >> Dashboard.

  • Click on the [Add Database] button in the dashboard header.

    • Database: select one of your databases

    • Encrypt your backup if you need, but do not forget the password

    • Scheduled Auto Backups

      • Interval type an interval value and select a unit of measure. Example: make backups every 1 day.
      • Next Execution Date: It shows next planned auto backup date. You can correct this. Example: make every day at night time.
    • Auto Rotation: If you have set up the auto backup, you can specify how many backups to preserve for certain time frames.

      Example: The module makes auto backup your database every night. You want to preserve 2 daily backups and 1 weekly only. Then

      • Set up Daily and Weekly rotation options as Limited and put the numbers in limit fields.
      • All other options mark as Disabled.
    • After all required fields will be filled, click on the [Save] button.


Manual backups

  • Configure Backup Schedule as described above
  • Open the menu [[ Backups ]] >> Dashboard
  • Click on [Make Backup now]

RESULT: Backup is created. Note, that the manual backup creation may take some time before being ready.

Downloading backups to computer

  • Be sure that you have Backup: Manager access level
  • Open [[ Backups ]] >> Backups menu
  • Click on needed Backup from the list
  • Click on Download button and wait until download completes

RESULT: Backup is downloaded.

  • If Backup is encrypted (it has .enc extension), extract it using gpg utility. For example:

    gpg --output OUTPUT_FILENAME.zip --decrypt INPUT_FILENAME.zip.enc


Type the password when it will be prompted

Backup Dashboard

  • Open the menu [[ Backups ]] >> Dashboard

RESULT: You can see the main Graph with the general statistics of all your backups are stored on a remote server.

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What about v15?
on 3/17/22, 12:59 PM

Thank you for your wonderfull app.

Are you planning introducing this module for v15 soon?

Very useful
Tintu Mon
on 6/27/21, 5:22 AM

Thanks for this useful module.

is it available for odoo 16?
Abdulaziz Alanazi
on 2/14/23, 8:13 PM