AA-Project Contract Alerts



v 14.0 Third Party
Required Apps Project (project)
Lines of code 8181
Technical Name project_contract_alerts
Also available in version v 13.0
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Required Apps Project (project)
Lines of code 8181
Technical Name project_contract_alerts
Also available in version v 13.0

AA-Project Contract Alerts

This module is an extension of Project app in odoo. We have added an automated system that notifies the Project Manager of the project about the spent hours on the project. Whenever the spent hours exceed the planned hours on any project the project manager notified through email about the exceed limit. This will help project manager to aware of the situation of all the assigned project

Main Features

Helps project managers to be aware of the project hours deadline

Get rid of manual calculation to check the exceed hours limit

Two project types added Fixed and Retainer. Select one type and maintain project timeline

Easy to use no complications

Helps in maintaining a good relationship between Project Manager and clients

Email feature Added

Project Manager
Knows what happening in there projects

Now Project Manager know when the project deadline exceed. This module helps project manager to aware of the situation when project exceed hours.

Get rid
of manual calculation

In the organization when there are soo many projects, it is difficuilt to see the project hours on daily basis. But now the project manager can know about exceed hours limit of all assigned project on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Project Types
Retainer and Fixed

Two project types added inorder to categorize project. Retainer type project have hours updated on weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. While Fixed project have constant hours till the end of project, but the project manager can change the hours limit.

Maintain a good relationship
between Client and Proejct Manager

Good Realtionship between client and project manager plays a vital role in organization success. Espacially when it comes to the deadline of project. This module plays a vital role in achieving this. The project are classified according to there categories and it is easy to mantain

Email feature
To notify Project Manager

When the timesheet hours on project exceed the limit of project hours then the Project Manager is notified through email. A beautiful email template defining project name, exceed hours and total hours.

The First step is to install prerequisite app

Inorder to install this module you need to install Pad on tasks(pad_project) first from the app list. After that install our module. Make sure you have email smtp and port setup in settings. Otherwise no email would be send.

Enter into the Project

Select the project from the project list and click on dotted button to edit the project

Edit the project to set new fields

Select the project type i.e. Fixed or Retainer. Set the project hours limit for the project. Assign project to Project Manager. Set all other fields you want. Save this project

Goto Timesheet

Now add the timesheet. As you can see in the image the worked hours in the timesheet are greater than the project hours. This will notify project manager about exceed limit.

Scheduled Action

The scheduled action will automatically run once you set the execution date and time. As soon as the job runs, the project manager will get an email about exceeding hours. Here we attached the screenshot of this scheduled job.

Email Template

Email send to Project Manager

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