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Lines of code 6975
Technical Name sync_telegram
Also available in version v 13.0
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Included Dependencies
Lines of code 6975
Technical Name sync_telegram
Also available in version v 13.0

Telegram Integration

Receive and send messages via Telegram bot

Version: v14.

Tested and maintained by
IT Projects Labs
Assitance: help@itpp.dev

Telegram Integration


  • Install this module in according to Sync Studio Documentation


In Telegram

  • Send message /newbot to @BotFather and follow further instructions to create a bot and get the bot token

In Odoo

  • Activate Developer Mode
  • Open menu [[ Settings ]] >> Technical >> Parameters >> System Parameters
  • Check that parameter web.base.url is properly set and it's accessible over internet (it should not be a localhost). Also, telegram accepts https addresses only (i.e. not http)
  • Open menu [[ Sync Studio ]] >> Sync Projects
  • Select Telegram Integration project
  • Go to Parameters tab
  • Set Secrets:
  • Unarchive the project
  • Open Manual Triggers Tab
  • Click button [Run Now] near to Setup task


In Telegram:

  • send some message to the created bot

In Odoo:

  • Open [[ Discuss ]] menu
  • RESULT: there is channel with name Telegram:<TELEGRAM NAME> (the prefix can be configured in project parameter PARTNER_NAME_PREFIX)
  • Open the channel and reply to message

In telegram:

  • RESULT: the message is delivered via bot

You can continue chatting this way

File sending and receiving

The operator has the ability to send not just text messages, but also messages with attachments.

The Telegram Bot API has a limit on the files sent through the bot:
  • The operator cannot send to Telegram user more than 10 MB for photos and 50 MB for other files.
  • Also, the operator cannot receive files larger than 20 MB from a Telegram user.

Subscribing telegram user to chatter

After the bot has created a record, you can also send messages to telegram user directly from the record page (Lead, Task, etc.). In order to do that, subscribe corresponding channel to the record. Use button Show Followers -> Add Channels.

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how it work
Husam M. Obaid
on 4/15/22, 5:06 AM

dear Support, 

will you please share with me how can i integrate it with Telegram, i did installed this module but i did not find the place that allow me to connect Odoo with Telegram


Husam M. Obaid 
Skype: husam-esco

No replies are sent / No support is given
Rui Franco
on 10/25/21, 5:01 AM
I have tested this app but, unfortunately, not with 100% success.

I do get messages from Telegram into Odoo but no reply is ever sent from Odoo. All jobs are stuck in "pending" state.

I have played a bit with the features but I did not get to understand what is to be changed.

I have sent two calls for assistance to the email that is provided here (on Oct. 6th and Oct. 13th), and I never got a reply either.

Philosophical question: what is a support email for if no support is provided?
Re: No replies are sent / No support is given
Elizaryev Ivan Nikolaevich
on 10/30/21, 4:28 AM Author


I'm sorry for the support delay.

The problem happened because of misconfiguration of queue_job module.

Check Documentation tab of the main module "Sync Studio" for details