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v 15.0 Third Party
Technical Name bi_direct_connecter
Also available in version v 13.0 v 12.0 v 14.0
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Technical Name bi_direct_connecter
Also available in version v 13.0 v 12.0 v 14.0
Logo Odoo Power BI Desktop direct connector

A secure, reliable, fast, real-time and efficient connector which connects Odoo directly to Power BI Desktop and works on Odoo Sh as well! Its a proprietary custom connector developed by Techneith specifically for Power BI to Odoo.

As you know, our previous offering for Power BI connector ( ) worked with an extra server in between Odoo and Power BI (an AWS EC2 instance say) but in the new connector we have removed this dependency as well. if you need any help feel free to get in touch with us on email or on Skype at Odoosetup

The demo video can be found on the link

Simple and fast

Real time data refreshing


Some of the salient features of this module

1 Year Validity of License — Buy the Module and enjoy the connection with Power BI Desktop for 1 year. For further extention feel free to get in touch with us at after expiry. The extention price will be 250 USD per year.

Access to all data — You get all Odoo data onto your choice of BI tool including the custom module developed or to be developed in future.

Secure Odoo connection — The module does not connect directly to Postgres database in Odoo rather leverages Power BI custom connection technology to talk to Odoo in a secure way using token authorization and bring data in chunks.

Real time Data Refresh — You may use the module on Odoo hosted on private server or Odoo Sh and simply on clicking of "Refresh" button in Power BI the data would be pulled from Odoo and the reports can be updated.


  • If your Odoo is hosted on private cloud then kindly install it in production database only as the module will work on one database only even though you might have multiple databases created
  • The present module is only for Power BI Desktop.

  • Kindly take a look at the FAQ section below for any queries you might have before approaching us.

The connector can be bought directly and easily installed by you or your team. All the steps have been outlined in the documentation (pdf) which comes as part of the module on purchase.
Thus, you do not need our involvement anywhere except in getting a license key via email after module purchase. The license key will be provided by us on purchase of every module and license is valid for 365 days and unlimited users for ONE Odoo instance/project. Present module is only for Power BI Desktop.
After successful purchase we request you to follow steps in Documentation (pdf) for verification. Please find Connector Documentation (pdf) in the root directory of this module. You may need to provide below information .

- Name
- Name of Organization
- Domain
- Odoo Production and Staging URL
- Admin username on Odoo via which the moule will be installed.
- Purchase/Invoice Number

Easily generate token


Get the Table in Power BI


Refreshing your data


Get Your License Key



   Do you also Provide Power BI Reports?

Yes, Our team can build the Power BI reports as well for you as we have been building for other esteemed customers of ours.

   Does it support all Odoo versions such as 12, 13, 14 and Odoo sh as well?

Yes. It supports all Odoo versions such as 12, 13, 14 and works on Odoo sh as well.

   Does it support both Community and Enterprise?

Yes, it supports both Community and Enterpise versions.

   Does your connector work on Power BI Cloud?

No. The connector works only on Power BI Desktop. For Cloud version, Power BI does not offer any tool to develop our custom connector thus, we cannot provide a connection with Power BI Cloud.

   Can I get a live demo of the module?

We have recorded the demo in the youtube ( link ) so that everyone can see the demo and buy the module directly rather than asking us. If we were to provide a live demo it will be exactly the same as shown in video. Thus, there is no point in doing a live demo but if you have any questions we have not covered here you can always contact us.

   Can I use the connector on 1 project only?

Yes. The connector can be used on 1 Odoo instance only and not multiple instances. If you have multi-company setup in your Odoo, the connector will work fine and you will see the data of all companies in power bi.

   Can I publish dashboards in Power BI desktop and schedule automatic data refresh?

The current connector will not allow you to schedule auto refresh of data and you may publish reports however, it might not actually help you as data refresh directly from published dashboard wont happen. We are in process of developing an advanced connector which can help you publish reports, refresh data directly from dashboard and schedule auto refresh as well however, please note that you will need to host your Power BI on a windows server if you want to publish reports and be available for others. This is not because of our connector but a generic requirement as you want others to access reports, thus, you have to host Power BI on a server so that it can be available all time.

   Do you provide Power BI dashboard building as well?

Yes, our team consists of Power BI developers too so if you need help with building a dashboard we can surely do so.

   I dont want to pay license cost every year. What can I do?

You may buy the license for lifetime by directly paying 1500 USD to us and you can avoid paying every year for the renewal.

Contact Here

For any kind of query or Support

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Nick Foy
on 1/3/22, 9:55 AM

I want to purchase this module but before i go for it I have a question if you can answer please.
As a project manager i want to see my revenue/sales in powerBI. What i do now is export the excel sheet and load into PowerBI, but it takes me too much time.
Can you please let me know how much time its gonna take with your connector if i have 1 million sales/invoices?

If that will save my time, i will go ahead and purchase this module.


on 1/3/22, 11:19 AM Author

Hi Nick

it is difficult to give you a time window without doing the experimentation however it would depends on the capacity of the machine. if you host power-bi on a windows server the performance might be faster. Again, theoretically it should be faster compare to excel but you might have to try   

multiple databases in one project
Miguel Lantigua
on 10/25/21, 6:17 PM

Hi again,

You answered before: "If you have multiple projects and different staging/production for different projects then yes you will have to buy the module for every project."  What if those databases are created in one project (as in a multi-company environment), Can I use the module in those DB with a one-time purchase of the module?

Re: multiple databases in one project
on 10/26/21, 12:19 PM Author

Kindly get in touch at or Skype at odoosetup so that we can schedule a quick call and answer you better. We are not sure what you mean by multiple databases? The multi company model does not make multiple databases. So let’s clarify things on a call.

Multiple databases in
Miguel Lantigua
on 10/25/21, 10:02 AM

Hi, for clients hosted by does this module connects to multiple databases hosted in, or is the price only for one database at a time?

Re: Multiple databases in
on 10/25/21, 12:58 PM Author

Hi.. the module will work on staging and production for a client.  If you have multiple projects and different staging/production for different projects then yes you will have to buy the module for every project.
Thank You