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Technical Name report_generator
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Lines of code 756
Technical Name report_generator


This module allows to generate PDF reports based on your models without using QWeb or wkhtmltopdf.


Once you finished your installation, you must create your first template.
Access Settings -> Technical Features -> Actions -> Report Generator
Set up your template by providing a name, a code reference (for eg. report.template.partner.contract)
Provide a starting PDF template and choose your reference model where Report Generator will fetch data dynamically.

Example 1


Set up your customizations providing X, Y coordinates for each label and finish styling them changing colours, font families and font sizes.
code field will be the processed value being printed in your report at your coordinates.
It is a Python field, you can use strings, functions or a record instance using record.

Example 2

Server Actions

Report Generator creates server actions for you to guarantee a completely no-code experience.
This does not means you won't be able to use your reports in your custom modules.
Don't forget to press Create Contextual Action to make it visible in your model actions.

Example 3

Customizable Fonts

This module automatically imports system and pip ttf fonts.
You can also import your custom .TTF files in Settings -> Technical Features -> Actions -> Report Font

Example 4


If you wish to integrate Report Generator in your custom modules, you can use generate_report method.
All you need is your report identifier referience, for eg. report.template.partner.contract. self.env['reportgenerator.report'].get_report('report.template.partner.contract').generate_report(record.id)

A base64 encoded string pdf will be returned.

Final Output

Example 5

You're done!

If you encounter any problem with this module please contact us on the following email address: alessandro@gessa.net.

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