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v 16.0 Third Party 20
Lines of code 535
Technical Name web_editor_ai
Also available in version v 15.0
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Lines of code 535
Technical Name web_editor_ai
Also available in version v 15.0

AI tools for Odoo Editor

Bring the magic of AI right into Odoo

Introducing Odoo Editor AI - the groundbreaking app that brings the magic of AI right into Odoo Editor! This app is not just for fun, it can actually boost your performance. With our powerful integration of OpenAI's GPT-3 technology, you can now easily generate content, correct grammar mistakes, translate text, or ask AI anything you can imagine - all from within your Odoo Editor's Powerbox commands. If you love ChatGPT and other GPT AI tools, you will love this module!

Now with the amazing GPT-4 SUPPORT!


  • Use it everywhere in Odoo where you see the "Type "/" for commands" option
  • No need to leave Odoo or even click out of the field you're currently writing in
  • Output is formatted and consistent with the Odoo editor
  • Select between GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 TURBO language model

Setup & Requirements

  1. Make sure that the openai python package is installed on your Odoo server
  2. Go to Settings - General Settings - OpenAI and enter your OpenAI API key. If you don't have one, you can generate it here for free
  3. That's it! You're ready to go :)

Content Generator

Let AI to quickly generate content for you

The 'Write About' field is pre-filled with dynamic context of the record you're working with.

Customizable pre-defined Tone, Format, and Length options. You can add/remove these options in Settings.

Formatted output is inserted straight into the field you're writing in.

Grammar Correction & Translation

Let AI to fix spelling and grammar mistakes
or translate your content

Just select the text you want to correct, hit "/", select Grammar Correction, and let artificial intelligence do the work for you. With this smart grammar correction feature, you can confidently submit your work knowing that the spelling and grammar will be perfect.

Or hit Translation and have the selected foreign text translated into currently active language.

Vanilla AI Prompt

Ask AI anything. Like, ANYTHING

This tool opens an empty box where you can write your prompt to AI. The response is inserted straight into the field you are working in. Super quick and efficient!

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GPT for Odoo 14
Remigiusz Predki
on 5/16/23, 1:10 PM

Hello, please let me know if I can buy the module for version 14 ?

Re: GPT for Odoo 14
Paul Uheet
on 5/17/23, 1:10 PM Author

Hi! Sorry, version 14 is currently not supported.

Pasha Golshani
on 4/26/23, 8:19 AM Confirmed Purchase

If the generated Ai response needs enhancements can you further chat with the engine and ask it to revise the generated response just the same as you can do on chatgpt website (you can have some back and forth until the result is satisfactory)

Paul Uheet
on 4/28/23, 6:13 AM Author

No, the “chat” functionality is not currently implemented. 

However, if you hit the Preview button and are not happy with the result, you can always tweak the original prompt and hit Preview again until you are happy with it.

That being said, the ”chat” functionality would be a great addition to the module and may be implemented in the future.

Do you support Odoo12?
Raymond Ho
on 4/3/23, 10:52 AM
Re: Do you support Odoo12?
Paul Uheet
on 4/4/23, 3:07 PM Author

Unfortunately not

on 3/7/23, 7:54 AM Confirmed Purchase


Avez vous un module

AI tools for Odoo Editor

pour la version V14 ?


Re: V14
Paul Uheet
on 3/7/23, 10:15 AM Author

Bonjour! Pas encore, mais sera bientôt disponible.