MRP Bill of Material Templates

v 6.1 Third Party 441
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Technical name bom_variant_multi
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Required Apps MRP (mrp)
Warehouse Management (stock)
Purchase Management (purchase)
eInvoicing (account)
Included Dependencies

This module implements BOM templates, more analogous to account templates than product templates.

A BOM template is created which then creates the associated BOM's. For any bom line you may specify a product template with one of 2 match types One 2 One (simple case) of One Dimension to a different dimension where you must specify a match condition (formed as a domain expression on the dimension option object).

Most of the time the simple case is fine, however when mapping different variants, it pays to use a consistent naming scheme. Examples where this may be the case is say you can get a material in a certain range of colours, and paint in a lot more colours so you have 2 different variant dimensions. By giving each colour the exact same name, or code, or sequence number you can match differing dimensions.

Alternatively where you specify a product in a bom line you can optionally specify a match expression on the product object which if met will add the product to the bom, otherwise it will not. e.g say you have a variant of knickers, called frilly knickers, which calls for a quantity of lace then you can match that and if not the lace will not be added.

Also this module allow you to create a Manufacturing Order without BOM.

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