Sweden - Accounting Demo/test Data K1

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Technical name l10n_se_demo_k1
Required Apps eInvoicing (account)
Included Dependencies

Sweden - Chart of accounts Demo Data K1

This module holds transactions to test a swedish chart of account Bas 2012 K1.

The new form of installing the l10n-module in one phase and generate the account of chart in a later phase demands a new testing routine.

To perform a test:

  1. Create a new standard database without demo checked
  2. Configure the company as you like
  3. Install the Accounting-module and choose Swedish account
  4. Generate a chart of account for your company
  5. Install this module, reconsile transactions, and check financial and tax-reports

This is how a transaction could look like:

<!-- Verifikat 1 --> <record id="v1" model="account.move">

<field name="name">Försäljning av tjänster på faktura</field> <field name="date" eval="time.strftime('%Y')+'-01-01' " /> <!-- You can use Python-code to generlize your test cases --> <field name="journal_id" search="[('code','=','SAJ')]" /> <!-- You can search the database so you can use readable code, when there is no external id defined --> <field name="period_id" search="[('code','=', '01/2012')]" />

</record> <record id="v11" model="account.move.line">

<field name="name">Tjänster</field> <field name="move_id" ref="v1" /> <field name="account_id" ref="l10n_se.k1_1500" /> <!-- use accounts with external id --> <field name="debit" eval="1000.0" />

</record> <record id="v12" model="account.move.line">

<field name="name">Tjänster</field> <field name="move_id" ref="v1" /> <field name="account_id" ref="l10n_se.k1_3000" /> <field name="tax_amount" eval="800" /> <field name="account_tax_id" eval="MP1" /> <field name="credit" eval="800" />

</record> <record id="v13" model="account.move.line"> <!-- there are no automatics in this mode, you have to create all lines by you self -->

<field name="name">Tjänster</field> <field name="move_id" ref="v1" /> <field name="tax_amount" eval="200" /> <field name="account_id" ref="l10n_se.k1_2610" /> <field name="account_tax_id" eval="U1" /> <field name="credit" eval="200" />


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